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Varun Shah: A Trailblazing Career Filled with Impactful Contributions

Vasid Qureshi



With over 15 years of software engineering experience, Varun Shah has established himself as an industry leader and innovator. Currently an engineering manager at Amazon, Varun leads software engineering teams and is instrumental in ensuring the safety and well-being of Amazon facilities and thousands of employees worldwide. Beyond his current role, he has made significant contributions throughout his career, making a lasting impact on a variety of companies and industries.

Varun’s journey: Influencing various companies and industries

Varun began at TCS, where he joined as a full-fledged Software Engineer. Demonstrating his exceptional skills and leadership abilities, he rapidly rose to Lead Engineer. Notably, He played a key role in automating the paper-based manual workflow systems of the state government, transforming them into a fully technology-driven electronic workflow system. This automation has resulted in a significant 85% increase in efficiency for government officials compared to the previous manual system. Additionally, Varun’s solution has resulted in a 75% year-on-year reduction in public complaints and appeals. The success of this system inspired the expansion of government agencies in the UK, Uganda, Kenya and Australia, demonstrating the global impact of Varun.

Moving to Cignex Technology, Varun assumed the role of a lead software engineer. He managed some projects for multinational companies such as Sesame Street,, Posadas, EA Sports, CalWorks Information Network (Calvin) and Toyota. One of Varun’s signature accomplishments was his leadership in redesigning Toyota’s owner portal. As lead architect, he led multiple teams on-site and abroad to implement and launch the portal, serving over 40 million users. This portal improved the user experience and reduced customer service calls to book car services by an impressive 60%.

Joining Medimpact in 2013 as an engineering leader, Varun continues to impact the healthcare industry. His focus on healthcare solutions and projects has resulted in significant progress. One notable project was e-prescribing, which simplified the prescribing process by allowing doctors to check a patient’s insurance details and prescribe drugs accordingly. This solution lowered out-of-pocket and insurance costs while reducing drug fraud, misuse, and waste. He also led the development of the Enterprise Network System (ENS), which revolutionized the creation of personalized pharmacy networks for clients and ultimately lowered the prices of prescription drugs. In addition, it was instrumental in building the US pharmaceutical healthcare market. This innovative platform enabled a variety of vendors to sell healthcare solutions, including prescription drug discount programs, diabetes management systems, asthma treatments, dental treatments and vision treatments. Varun’s contribution to these healthcare projects earned him recognition from Medipact and a coveted award.

In 2021, Varun Shah joined Sony PlayStation, the world’s largest video game company, as an engineering lead. He was instrumental in re-architecting legacy payment gateway services to support approximately 50 million global customers and their millions of daily payment transactions. Through his efforts, Varun achieved a significant 55% reduction in chargebacks and a 15% increase in daily transactions, further improving the user experience and financial security of PlayStation customers.

At ServiceNow, Varun’s leadership skills shone again as he successfully implemented and launched the ServiceNow Vault Data Anonymization product. From the startup stage to its integration with the ServiceNow platform as a service offering, Varun played a key role in developing this critical security feature of the platform. The product enabled ServiceNow’s 1,600 customers worldwide to protect sensitive data and improve security, privacy and compliance across their businesses.

Varun Shah currently serves as a Software Engineering Manager at Amazon, contributing to the safety and well-being of Amazon’s 40,000 facilities and thousands of employees worldwide. With a focus on innovation and automation, Varun leads the development of next-generation tools that increase operational efficiency and reduce risk. Varun’s dedication is evident in his commitment to creating innovative solutions to ensure the safety of life for Amazon’s broad base of employees. Leveraging his extensive experience in software engineering, Varun identified opportunities to automate critical processes and develop tools that streamlined operations. Varun is also actively recruiting, mentoring, and training Amazon’s future software engineers to recognize the value of mentoring in personal and professional development.

Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring: Pay It Forward

Varun’s belief in the transformative power of mentoring stems from his own experiences and the profound impact his mentors have had on his personal and professional journey. By bringing his experience and knowledge, Varun aims to empower aspiring individuals seeking guidance by providing invaluable support and direction as they navigate their paths to success.

As a mentor and coach, Varun draws on his extensive industry experience and leadership skills to provide practical advice, share best practices and inspire mentees to realize their full potential. Whether it’s career guidance, technical expertise or personal development strategies, Varun’s commitment to nurturing talent ensures mentees receive holistic support tailored to their unique needs.

Throughout his career, Varun Shah has consistently demonstrated his passion for mentoring and coaching, recognizing the value of personal and professional development through guidance and support. He is active on mentoring platforms such as CoffeeMug, AdpList, PlatoHQ, MentorCruise, and TopMate, connecting with people from diverse backgrounds to give them the tools and insights to thrive in their respective fields. His dedication to mentoring is a testament to his belief in the power of collaboration and its positive impact on the broader professional community.

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