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Be Warned: Avoid these Scams when you are Online




Have you ever been told that you are going to make a lot of money online? You might be lucky if you never bothered, for you just  avoided a scam trap.

Last time I wrote an article explaining how you can make money online. It is true that individuals are making money online by doing online jobs. However, on the same place, some people are losing a lot of money. Scammers are busy taking advantage of unsuspecting people, especially those who want to become rich quickly.

If you are trying to make money online, avoid the following scams:

Scam 1: Surfing the web

When you search for a job online, a lot of businesses will assure you lots of cash if you only visit their websites. They will ask you to click on links and banners and assure you payment when you finish the work.  On the contrary, they will deduct money from your account if you sign up with them.

Scam 2: Online surveys

Online surveys are also another type of a scam. Those companies will lie that after you take surveys, you will get a certain amount of cash hourly. The truth is that you will not get much on surveying but rather you will get lots of junk promotions

Scam 3: Companies offering pyramid scheme

There a lot of pyramid schemes online that function illegally. They disguise their identity and ask you for a fee for membership in order to gain profit.  Avoid them, you will never get anything..

Scam 4: Email chain letter

This is another scam of sending cash to an individual at the top of an email list and your name at the bottom. This is it; you bring new members in the chains who are supposed to get cash from the person next in the list. The truth is no cash will be given to you

Scam 5: Reading email

There is also this scam of getting paid after reading a number of emails daily. The truth is, you will work very many hours a day and you end up receiving a very insignificant amount of cash.

Scam 6: Google AdSense

If you produce exceptional information so as to promote a website or a blog, you will be paid. However, the scammers are using Google AdSense to trick people. They say that by using Google AdSense, you will have your own template website that will bring a lot of money on your way. This is just a scam and  it might even make your blog to have a low ranking in a search engine or Google,.


Scam 7: Binary trading options

Though binary trading works, it is very risky undertaking. Therefore, if you are not familiar with it, you might lose a lot of money. The scam is that you will be sent to a dissimilar binary trading option and you will deposit lots of money.

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