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Wear Your Mind With Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Hillary Cyril



Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a non-realistic experience that is similar to or completely different from our actual world. Many applications of virtual reality are currently being used by businesses, entertainment and education. Entertainment applications of virtual reality technology are becoming increasingly popular with many video game companies creating entire games or demos that can be played in VR. This allows players to experience the game like a true participant while immersing them in the game’s environment. Games created for this technology often allow players to become almost immaterial, virtually walking around in the game.

AR, also known as advanced computer-generated imagery, and VR are terms used to describe experiences that use holographic and augmented reality to create a digital environment. holographic virtual reality is the future of computing, as it creates an experience of “seeing” where the user is physically not while the user is still in the real environment. By using a holographic or augmented reality headset a person is able to experience items in their real environment while inside the headset. For example, in entertainment settings, the hologram can include items seen in the game, such as cars or other vehicles. Or it could be a full scene from a film, which is shown entirely in the headset by the use of a camera to capture the scene.

A major advantage of this technology is that it makes the world look bigger than it really is, which creates the impression that you are inside the scene. Another advantage of virtual reality systems is that they can provide excellent user interface controls, allowing the user to manipulate video games in a variety of ways. Currently, the most common application of these systems is in entertainment settings, such as video games, although there are many uses for holographic technology in education, finance, and retail industries.

Augumented reality

The holographic or augmented reality headsets use two technologies to achieve a user interface. One is called camera eye tracking, which means that a computer program watches the movements of the users’ heads. It can detect where that person is looking, which means that they are in the scene, and can interact with it. The second is known as the physical sensing system, which is used to track your actual physical presence in the world around you. By using the physical sensing system, a holographic or augmented reality system accurately positions you within the scene, so that you are fully immersed in the virtual world around you.

The great thing about augmented reality or holographic is that they are completely invisible. No one will ever know you are wearing a headset that creates a virtual reality environment. They are so comfortable, that you may not even realize you are wearing them. Some people enjoy going on rides in their gyms that have a roller-coaster type of incline on one side while walking on the other side. This type of complete experience requires the use of VR headsets.

If you have not already heard about augmented and virtual reality technologies, then you should try using a smartphone. One of the coolest things about these two technologies is that they are completely undetectable. They blend in with your skin tone so that you never even have to worry about being seen with one. Instead, you can use your smartphone as though you are at home, in the office, or anywhere that you feel like being in.

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