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More Than A Wearable – How Wearable Tech Empowers Your Health




The word wearable technology brings up associations with this technology merged ‘post-human’ era ; dressed in smart garments, viewing the world through multi-dimensional lenses in our eyes and technology is monitoring our overall health. Utopia, right?

Not exactly. It really depends how you look at it. The world where design, the body and technology meet is already real, today. New emerging start-ups develop way more interesting products than you’d think. And it’s only the beginning.

Women’s health company
We started LifeSense Group almost a year ago in July 2015. We use wearable sensor technology and apply it in different ways. Instead of looking in the future, we decided to keep our eye on what’s real today.
What is real is that 1 in 3 women after giving birth have issues with the pelvic muscles. Being a woman myself, I felt what it must feel like. This ‘invisible’ muscle causes all sorts of problems and stands in the way of an active life because they lose confidence. Weak pelvic floor muscles disturb a healthy sex life. Women stopped doing sports activities because they are afraid of having accidents in public.

We decided to create our product Carinwear (now live at Kickstarter using sensor technology to help these 1 in 3 women improve their sex life and overcome public shame.

How? Simple. You wear underwear (like you normally do) but with a special little pocket to snap on a wearable sensor. This helps you track your progress throughout the programme. Next watch the training videos to strengthen your pelvic floor (and actually do them). After three months of training you are back in command over this annoying muscle and able to enjoy life again.
Not science fiction, but science faction.

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