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Web Development is basically the work involved in creating a Web site, usually for the Internet or an intranet, which aids in conveying information. Web development may range from creating a simple single-page document of just plain text to very complex web-based applications, electronic newsletters, and social networking sites. The possibilities for creating Web sites are virtually limitless. For this reason, Web sites are becoming more popular each day.

The primary goal of a Web developer is to create a Web site that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Web developers use various kinds of coding languages, such as JavaScript code, Perl script, ColdFusion code, and PHP to create the Web site. These languages are typically used to help the Web developer “think on the screen,” which is why some Web developers prefer to utilize these coding languages instead of HTML, which is a more “text-oriented” language. Additionally, Web developers use a variety of tools, such as Web servers, search engines, and content management systems, in order to put information on the Web website. Web site developers also use coding to help the Web developer create interactive content and make the Web site accessible to the public.

To become a Web developer, a person needs to have basic knowledge of computers and computer programs. Some programmers can learn most computer programming languages by taking short classes at community colleges and vocational schools, but others need to attend a more specialized program. Web developer training does not require a person to have a college degree, although some colleges and universities offer certification programs for people who wish to pursue careers as Web developers. If one wishes to pursue a career as a Web developer, it is imperative to earn an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree in computer science, Web design, or technical writing in order to be eligible for employee positions.

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Another option for Web developers is to use software programs called “stack programmers.” These are programs that automate some of the coding processes that are involved with website development. For example, rather than entering text directly into a Web page, the programmer uses “stack scripts” to place pre-written code within the Web page. After the text is entered, it is evaluated whenever a visitor loads the page. When the evaluation of the code is complete, the visitor is redirected to the original source of the Web page, or to a new website.

As with most technologies, there are pros and cons associated with web development. Web developers are responsible for the coding and are expected to adhere to coding specifications. In addition, Web developers are expected to work closely with graphic designers, website owners, Internet service providers, and other members of the organization. These individuals are often considered to be “stakeholders” in the Web sites development process because they are interested in the overall user experience, as well as the look and functionality of the website.

Some web development companies offer both basic web design services and web development services, in addition to offering basic graphic design services. Web graphic design encompasses a wide variety of tasks, from basic logo creation to high-end photo editing and retouching. Web developers can help to create the content for websites, and can also provide assistance with HTML coding, image and video editing, and transcription. Web developers can perform programming duties and can help to maintain the layout and navigation of websites. Web developers may also provide services for database integration and other back-end systems, such as customer support and accounting.

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