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Where Is Web Hosting Heading ?




Web hosting has grown from very humble roots. Now it is an industry that gets lots of cash, but this is not the end of its growth. There is still more innovation being conducted. Web worldwide and the internet started with the main web servers that helped only the web pages that were static. Nowadays, we are witnessing web servers that are very dynamic.

In the early days, it was believed that a server was a basic requirement in order to facilitate hosting of websites. This was a key problem because computers were not owned by many and it was very expensive to have only one server to your website. Out of this challenge, the web hosting industry grew.

In the past it was believed that only selected companies could give service of web hosting. Those who wanted to host website were very selective. The first companies gave very absurd services, some offering 35KB of space at a very high price. Consequently, only few people could dare to create a website. However, with the emergence of e-commerce, and the demand it made for web hosts, the industry grew. More web hosts providers begun to offer services. For the companies to stay competitive, they had to offer more space and reduce price,

Today, the web hosting industry is a multibillion-dollar industry that has grown exponentially, as more individuals, especially among the developing countries, need a host. The industry is moving to the developing countries as evidenced by GoDaddy which aggressively expanded in Latin America in 2014.

Technology in web hosting is rapidly changing. This begs the question, “what is the future of web hosting”.

Contemporary, Cloud hosting has outshined server hosting and it slowly starting to dominate traditional shared server hosting. The general inefficiency of the shared hosting have led many people to prefer cloud hosting. More companies are more focused to have cloud hosting every year. Generally, the web hosting industry is rapidly moving towards cloud hosting.

‘Cloud hosting’ is a term that mean that resources are distributed over many diverse server, in differing physical places that are connected by the internet. Just like the early days of web hosting, cloud hosting is growing exponentially. The total worth of cloud hosting in 2015 was approximately $121 billion.

The cloud hosting in future is expected to cheaper as the technology is becoming modernized and more accessible. In future, cloud hosting technology will detach software from hardware. Small businesses are using it for they only pay for what they use.

There is no doubt that winds of change are sweeping through the web hosting industry. A shift towards cloud hosting is evident, and small business are benefiting.

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