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Web3 Partnership Announcement: Bridging the StarHolder Journey into the Mooniverse




Denver, Colorado, December 5, 2023, BTCWire


Introducing The Atriazen Artifact NFT Collection for Member StarHolders

Creating a new frontier in Web3 partnerships, The Atrium and Moonizen Studios bridge ecosystems to bring an immersive science fiction story with cooperative-DAO membership to expand blockchain utility. Moonizen Studios have created a fully customized collectable NFT line featuring 3,550 total Atriazen Artifact NFTs, available in 4 variations, for an exclusive integrated minting experience for The Atrium’s upcoming release of StarWave Alpha.

StarWave Alpha StarHolders of The Atrium converting to membership in the cooperative wrapped DAO are eligible to claim 1 free Atriazen Artifact NFT directly from the token bound StarHolder NFT interface and contract. Extending a gift for Member StarHolders minting in StarWave Alpha, The Atrium offers an immersive integration to the Moonizens storyline. Enabling secure and integrated smart-contract operations, The Atrium’s StarHolder NFT provides an interactive interface for Member StarHolders to claim and possess Atriazen Artifact NFTs directly onto The StarHolder Patronage Access and Conservation Extension (SPACE) platform.

The Atriazen Artifact

Amidst the development of the Atriazen Artifact, Moonizen Studios presented The Atrium with three unique paths. The artifact emerged as the pinnacle design with its mysterious construction, set in a beautifully preserved landscape.

The Artifact design was crafted to merge the visual aspect of storytelling within both ecosystems. In collaboration with our Moonizen Studios Worldbuilder and resident Mythweaver, we seamlessly blended lore, artistry, and harmony into one. Forming a unified and beautifully designed NFT collection, along with the Atriazen Logo representing this Togetherative partnership.

Building upon this, the Artifact is visualized in four distinct settings: Dawn, Day, Dusk, and Night.

We believe that producing a relationship and bringing a vision to life requires the human touch. In line with our stance on supporting human created art, this collection is 100% hand drawn by Moonizens creator, Anthony Stuart.


A FREE Offering for Member StarHolders

The Atrium offers a unique Togetherative Partnership Program which centers on integrating select Web3-enabled ventures into its StarHolder-fueled ecosystem. Launching with StarWave Alpha on 21 December, StarHolder Solstice, The Atrium provides the gift of The Atriazen Artifact collection as an exclusive offering for 3,550 available StarHolder NFTs. To claim an Atriazen Artifact, StarHolder NFT purchasers must convert into membership to join The Atrium and either, 1) waive the 30-day available purchase refund and claim immediately or 2) wait until the 30-day purchase refund window expires and claim. When claiming, Atriazen Artifact NFTs are associated with the StarHolder NFT token bound account and assigned within the StarHolder NFT minting wallet which becomes visible on The SPACE.

Building a smart contract-to-contract integration between community centered organizations unites people together with additional no-cost offerings and beacons the power of sharing economies. By giving a free Atriazen Artifact NFT to Member StarHolders of StarWave Alpha, Moonizen Studios embraced the sharing economy power of The Atrium to illuminate the path of StarLight in the Moonizens book – Moonizen: Genesis | The Cosmic Awakening. Coincidentally, The Atrium anchors in enabling medicinal psychedelic advancements in regulated jurisdictions as a means of evolving human conscious states of awareness while Member StarHolders continuously receive StarLight credits via the patent pending Heliospheric Address Localized (HALO) infrastructure.

The Web3 sharing economy will ignite by replicating our Togetherative Partnership program. Moonizen Studios is the perfect community to bring a very special and immersive storyline product experience directly to Member StarHolders.

– Jake Hammock, Steward and CEO of The Atrium


Taking the Path of StarLight

Moonizen Studios has embarked on a Togetherative journey with The Atrium. Weaving together narratives of both entities’ creative visions into one singular world. We unveil the beginning of the Path of Starlight. Immerse yourself in a transcendental odyssey spanning generations, from The Atrium’s inception in the early 2020s to the prophetic arrival of the alien species, The Chuid in 2100. This narrative traces humanity’s journey toward a naturally evolved consciousness. A journey influenced by the long-forgotten Anunnaki god, Nanna. The story’s climax in 2100 is not the end, but the true beginning of an unfolding tale.

In an era battered by economic decline and societal strife, The Atrium solidified its place in history by establishing the first Atrium Sanctuary. This place of hope became the genesis for The Atrium’s mission—mental wellness and environmental conservation. Spanning decades fraught with calamities, The Atrium Sanctuary emerged as a refuge for survivors. The Keepers, elected stewards of both sanctuary and consciousness, delved into the recesses of the mind. Unknowingly steering humanity toward a transformative path. The turning point arrived with the acquisition of lunar material, crafting Moonspore, a therapeutic substance boasting a remarkable 100% success rate in alleviating mental anguish. This paved the way for the profound StarLight, an experience exclusive to the chosen few. The Keepers’ rituals revealed the emergence of “The Artifact,” now known as the Atriazen. Kept hidden from the world, this transformed the Atrium Sanctuaries into blessed havens for the Naturalists, people who’ve rejected technological augmentation. Marking the start of a massive collective exploration of consciousness.

Illuminated by the discovery of prophetic lunar tablets, The Keepers knew it was the time to reveal their deep connection to the Anunnaki god Nanna – holding incredible implications for humanity’s conscious evolution. The reveal of The Atriazen to the world became a symbol that beckoned humanity to embrace the path of StarLight—a journey reserved for the chosen few destined to the next phase of conscious evolution. Just as the prophecy foretold the alien Chuid arrival, the world watched the sky and wept. Earth and its inhabitants stood on the brink of transformation: The birth of the Moonizen, the evolution into a Starholder or augment their evolution via cybernetics. Humanity faced divergent evolutionary paths. The question lingered: would their differences unite them as one species, or would internal divisions become mankind’s greatest adversary?


Merging Worlds of Experience with Membership

As a cooperative wrapped DAO, The Atrium’s Togetherative Partnership Program adopts certain Web3 utility venture assets into its ecosystem to transform independent communities into a Togetherative operation. “In The Atrium, we boldly voyage to give back; to radically pioneer and build a new economic frontier where Web3 communities actualize in togetherness”, said Jake Hammock – the CEO and Steward says. “Creating future Web3 Infrastructure can only achieve its full potential through project collaboration, where community adopters get a seamless experience”, added Dr. Adel ElMessiry, The Atrium’s Technical Advisor.

“The Moonizen Studios team is extremely excited to partner with The Atrium on their launch of the StarHolders NFT. This collaboration has been an amazing experience; integrating with their smart contract designs and with the Moonizen: Genesis story. We look forward to revealing the incredible 100% human designed artwork by Anthony Stuart”, said Leet – the Co-Founder and CTO of Moonizen Studios.


But this is just the start of the Moonizens exclusive partnership with The Artium. When a Starwave Alpha StarHolder claims this artifact, it merges them forever into a story that’s just begun.


Our Multiverse, (The MOONIVERSE) is introduced in our first book available for preorder now!

Order the book: (Moonizen: Genesis | The Cosmic Awakening) on Kickstarter at Experience the captivating story of a fluid alien species and their intense encounter with humankind.


Igniting in StarWave Alpha on StarHolder Solstice: 21 December 2023


To claim an exclusive Atriazen Artifact, you will need to be in line to mint a StarHolder NFT on the release of StarWave Alpha. Both Moonizen Studios and The Atrium adopted the Polygon blockchain for a seamless minting and onboarding experience. Only 3,550 available StarHolder NFTs are offered at $750 USDC, which include perpetual benefits to elevate patronage membership for higher eligible patronage dividend declarations. Valued at $250 USDC each, Member StarHolders claiming the Atriazen Artifact become immersed in humanity’s quest to evolve consciousness while continuing to enjoy access to patronage benefits. Join The Atrium by minting a StarHolder NFT and converting into membership directly through the NFT interface. Join The Moonizens by claiming a free Atriazen Artifact NFT directly through the StarHolder NFT.


Moonizen Studios

For more information about the Moonizen Studios visit and check out their Kickstarter campaign at View the Genesis collection and dive into the story at or connect with the Moonizens on Discord at, or on X at

The Atrium

For more information about The Atrium’s partnership program, visit or connect directly with StarHolders on Discord at or on X at The Atrium’s release of StarWave Alpha will go live for StarHolder NFT minting on 21 December at


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