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What are SolChicks: the newest PTE game

Hugh Grant



What are SolChicks: the newest PTE game

Unless you have been aiming to stay clear of anything related to gaming, crypto, blockchain, NFT, and PvP, there is a slight possibility that SolChicks has not yet caught your attention. 


One of the most praised play-to-earn games to hit the market in the last few years, SolChicks continues to massively gain popularity as more and more gamers are seeing the fun, the profit, and the well-thought-out gameplay successfully merged in this relatively young game.


This exciting achievement dropped in November 2021, when more than 50,000 players immediately completed the Demo Version in the first week of its launch alone. So what is behind this PTE game that has caught the eye of players and investors alike? 


What are PTE games?


To understand SolChicks, we have to go back to the very beginning and tackle the concept of PTE games. This particular gaming concept has been all the rage in the industry in the last several years, intensely broadening the opportunities provided to games across the world. 


Play-to-earn games are games where you earn a profit while playing. Quite a shocker, isn’t it? Well, there are many more benefits than meets the eye. PTE gives an equal, real, and easily accessible opportunity to amateur and professional players to earn an income based on playing their preferred play-to-earn game. 


How do PTE games work? 


Play for free, walk out with money. It sounds too good to be true, but it is the case. One of the most important differing factors to consider is having ownership over in-game items. The items you win, get rewarded with, or obtain are yours to keep, trade, or sell in a marketplace. 


Not only this but players are rewarded for the time that they spend playing the game with either digital items or game-related tokens. All of this means that gaming has the potential to be a much more viable career or income for many more people than it has been so far. 


SolChicks gameplay explained 


If you find yourself enjoying fantasy PvP (player vs. player) and P2E (play-to-earn) games, consider yourself lucky as you are in for a proper treat. 


One of the leading fantasy play-to-earn NFT games called SolChicks has all the benefits, excitement, and payoff you will be on the lookout for. Time to break down the details. 

Besides being highly reviewed, fun, well-thought-out, and widely played, the game itself revolves around a race of battle chickens named SolChicks. 


Don’t let the adorable-looking characters fool you though. These feisty little intergalactic chicks are made for a serious battle, all because Chicco, their home planet, suffered an invasion from the mean enemy named SolFox in the year 2021, the same year when the Game Demo was released. 


Despite being well-organized and ready to battle the dangerous breed SolFox, SolChicks lose the fight and embark on a search for a new and safer home. Fun fact, the demo starts just before the fall of Chicco, but we really should leave the rest for you to find out for yourself.


SolChicks NFTs 


Level playing tiers consist of four stages. The first stage is the Tutorial, which is levels 1 to 15. The second stage is Fledgling, which is levels 16 to 30. The third stage is Progression, which is levels 30 to 45. The fourth and final stage is Endgame, which is levels 46 to 60. 


As you progress within the game, you will be able to adapt, change, and enhance the statistics of the character you possess, all of which are based on the so-called primary and secondary statistics. Once you level up, bond, breed your character, you can, if you choose to, put it up for sale in an NFT marketplace, which can earn you a good sum of money. 


In conclusion, we don’t want to ruin the gameplay by telling you all the details. That’s why you should personally give it a go. 

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