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What Are the Best Business Internet and Phone Plans in Australia?




There are a few things you should think about when picking an Australian business internet plan to make sure it fits your needs. Knowing what choices you have can make a big difference in how productive and efficient you are. Commander is a reputable provider that you should think about using. They are known for providing reliable services at reasonable prices.

Plans for business NBN

Business Companies that need fast internet to run their daily business need NBN plans. Commander’s NBN business plans offer strong options that can be changed to fit different business needs. They offer standard plus, premium, superfast, superfast II, and rapid plans. Each plan is made to fit a different amount of use, from small businesses to big companies that need a lot of data.

There are many good things about Commander’s business NBN deals. One of these is free 4G backup when you buy the Commander modem. This way, your business can stay online even if the main connection goes down. This feature is especially helpful for companies that can’t afford to be down, like those that use cloud-based apps and videoconferencing a lot.

NBN Business Ethernet

Commander’s NBN corporate ethernet plans are a cheap, business-grade way for companies that need to send and receive a lot of data to connect to the internet. With these deals, you can get high-speed fiber connections that can go up to almost 1Gbps. They also include priority data, which makes sure that your business’s internet traffic gets through first, which is important for keeping things running smoothly during busy times.

Commander’s corporate Ethernet is made to be adaptable and expandable so that it can work for companies of all sizes. It guarantees steady performance with features like equal upload and download speeds and a goal of 99.95% uptime. Because it is so reliable, it’s perfect for businesses that need to send large amounts of data or keep their service going all the time.

Mobile Broadband for Business

Mobile broadband is another important thing for companies to think about, especially those whose employees work from home or on the go. The Optus 4G Plus network is used by Commander’s mobile internet plans. These plans give you fast, secure internet access no matter where you are, so your business can stay connected while you’re away.

Commander’s data-only SIM plans are made to keep businesses linked without adding extra costs. They have choices for shared data and flexible data packages, so they can meet a wide range of business needs. These plans are great for businesses that need reliable internet access in more than one place or for workers who work from home.

Systems for business phones

Any business needs to be able to communicate clearly. Commander offers several types of business phone plans, such as managed phone systems, SIP systems, and traditional office phone systems that work with NBN plans. Their cloud-based phone system, Commander Business Phone, has features of a large company but costs less than a small business.

Some of the features are music on hold, messages to email, auto receptionist, call pull, and hunt groups. With these tools, your business communication will be quick and professional. The Commander Business Phone also lets you make calls from a cell phone, laptop, or handset, giving your workers more options.

Upgrades to NBN Fiber

The Fibre Connect Program is an NBN program that gives Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) connections to customers who are eligible. With this update, the copper line is taken away, making connections faster and more reliable. Commander offers deals through this program with speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 1Gbps, which will make the internet better for your business.

Businesses that are having problems with their current connections can benefit the most from FTTP improvements. These upgrades provide a direct fiber link, which guarantees better performance and dependability. This can greatly increase productivity.

Why Choose Commander

Commander stands out because they have a lot of knowledge and can customize solutions for businesses. Their services have been reliable and reasonably priced for almost 40 years, and they have worked with Australian companies. Their business internet plansand phone services are made to meet the wants of all kinds of businesses, from small start-ups to big companies.

Their plans have extras like free 4G backup, data only SIM plansthat can be changed, and choices that can be scaled up or down. This makes sure that your internet and contact tools can grow with your business as it does. They are dedicated to offering dependable, fast links with top-notch customer service. This makes them a great choice for any business that wants to improve its operations.

To pick the best business internet plan, you need to think about what you need and then compare your choices. Commander is a great choice for businesses in Australia because they offer a wide range of custom solutions and have a good reputation for being reliable and helpful. Their wide range of plans and features make sure that your business stays connected and productive, no matter what field or size it is in.

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