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What If the Perfect Professional Coach Did Exist?

Adriaan Brits



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Imagine having a professional coach who understands you completely—one who aligns with your personality, shares your worldview, and is available at your fingertips. This might sound like a distant dream or a luxury reserved for the elite, but thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), this vision is becoming a reality. Enter TAIWA, an AI-driven platform designed to revolutionize personal and organizational growth by making coaching more accessible, personalized, scalable, and impactful.

The Challenges of Finding the Right Coach

Finding the perfect professional coach or therapist has always been a challenge. Many of us spend countless hours researching potential coaches, trying to find someone who not only has the right qualifications but also a personality and outlook that resonates with us. Personality and chemistry are crucial when it comes to trusting someone with our dreams, ambitions, and vulnerabilities.

The TAIWA Solution

TAIWA offers a groundbreaking solution to this problem. By leveraging the power of AI, TAIWA allows users to create a personalized coaching experience that perfectly matches their needs and preferences. According to Dawa Tarchin Phillips, CEO of TAIWA, “Utilizing professional AI coaching in the workplace is a great way for people to learn new skills without hassle, placing your personal and professional growth right at your fingertips.”

Creating Your Ideal Coach

One of the standout features of TAIWA is its ability to let users specify various attributes of their ideal coach. Whether it’s age, race, religion, or political orientation, TAIWA allows you to tailor your AI coach to fit your specific requirements. You can even ask for specific world views and life experiences to ensure the coach aligns with your personal values and perspectives.

Phillips elaborates on the benefits of this customization: “These online AI coaches can be personalized to how each employee learns, giving them exactly what they need, when they need it, to develop, evolve and be successful.” This level of personalization ensures that users feel understood and supported, which is crucial for effective coaching.

AI-Powered Conversations

Another impressive aspect of TAIWA is its ability to save and adapt conversations. Even if you decide to swap your coach’s personality, the system retains the context of previous interactions. This seamless transition helps maintain continuity and ensures that the coaching experience remains effective and relevant.

The Impact on Organizational Growth

Beyond individual benefits, TAIWA has significant implications for organizational growth. Employee burnout is a major issue, with studies showing that more than 50% of employees have felt overwhelmed by their job in the past year. AI coaching can address this by providing continuous support and development opportunities, which are crucial for maintaining morale and productivity.

Phillips emphasizes the importance of valuing employees’ time and well-being: “Valuing and respecting employees’ time should be one of the major priorities for a company, and having AI coaching systems like these is a great way to help people feel supported and good about themselves in a professional setting.” When employees feel seen, validated, and given opportunities to grow, they are more likely to remain engaged and less likely to seek employment elsewhere.

A Revolution in the Coaching Industry

The coaching industry is undergoing a significant transformation thanks to AI. Traditional coaching methods, while effective, can be limited by availability and scalability. AI-driven platforms like TAIWA overcome these limitations by being available 24/7 and able to serve a virtually unlimited number of users.


As Phillips points out, “When employees feel seen, validated, supported, and given opportunities to grow and accomplish their goals, they are more likely to work hard and not search for something better. It’s a give and take. If companies are not already using these AI systems to support their people, then they are missing out.”

The Future of AI in Coaching

Looking ahead, the potential for AI in coaching is vast. As technology continues to advance, AI coaches will become even more sophisticated, offering deeper insights and more nuanced support. This evolution will not only enhance personal and professional development but also redefine how we perceive and utilize coaching.

In conclusion, TAIWA represents a significant step forward in the coaching industry, offering a highly personalized and scalable solution that meets the diverse needs of individuals and organizations alike. With AI, the dream of having the perfect professional coach is no longer a distant possibility—it’s here, ready to help us unlock our full potential.

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