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What Makes Drake Tax Software Ideal For Tax Professionals?

Hugh Grant



Taxes are notoriously complex, even for professionals to deal with, that’s why many companies choose to invest in software to help them better manage their tax preparational and filing requirements. 

With the help of tax software, even accounting professionals can alleviate the burden placed upon them to manage their own taxes, and those of their clients, and not just when it comes to tax season, but all year round. 

Drake software is a popular accounting tool used by hundreds of thousands of tax professionals worldwide, and here are a few reasons that make it so helpful, to so many:

  • Exceptionally user-friendly
  • Very reliable 
  • Customizable reporting
  • Can be used for both individual or joint filing
  • Provides overall audit support
  • Makes light work of filing returns
  • Gives detailed, in-depth details regarding a business’s operations

Attractive features of Drake Tax Software

Below are some of the outstanding features offered by Drake Software to help professionals better manage their tax filing commitments:

  • Documents

With safe and highly secure electronic storage, you can easily store any number of tax-related documents, to avoid clogging up your in-tray with paperwork. 

  • Tax planner

This feature enables tax professionals to better prepare their clients’ taxes for the upcoming season. One of its most useful and appealing features, it’s simple to compare tax situations with a number of different tax scenarios, such as asset-buying, income fluctuations and marriage etc. 

  • Restoring and backup of data

Clients tax data must be handled carefully, both to preserve it and keep it secure, and with this restore and backup feature of Drake Tax Software, this makes safeguarding clients data, a cinch. Automatically backing up data and enabling you to give an exact location from where data should be restored, it gives exceptional peace of mind, both for the user, and the client. 

  • Inclusive filing

Incorporating forms for estates, partnerships, trusts and estates, C and S Corps, 1040 forms and all federal packages, this software gives support to a wide range of tax payers, not just small to medium-sized businesses. 

  • Tools for reviewing

Should you be targeted by the IRS for any errors and face rejections accompanied by penalties and fines, your organization as a whole, can suffer greatly. Fortunately, Drake Software has a review tool with recommendations in-built to help you avoid making even the smallest of errors. 

  • Data import

With data able to be imported easily from such applications as QuickBooks or Client Write-Up, or from spreadsheets, this software makes light work of any implementation processes. With an 8949 Import tool, Drake allows for clients broker statements to be directly imported into the excel format template, 8949, or one that you have personalized yourself. 

  • Paperless

With options that enable the simple and secure exchange of data, e-filing, and documents that can be e-signed, Drake Tax software has entered into the paperless Realm with gusto, enabling you to do so, too. 

  • Dashboard

One of its new web-based features, tax preparers will find it much easier to assess a business’s performance by using interactive pre-built charts to transform data. And, by evaluating a businesses key performance indicators, it can give a thorough and accurate analysis of its overall health. 

  • Research

Accessed easily by clicking on the ‘research’ button, users can implement keywords to help them research changes to taxes. 

  • Scheduler

Giving you the opportunity to add schedules and make appointments (if dealing with multiple clients, batch appointments can also be made), this particular feature is great for anyone seeking to better organize themselves and help keep up-to-date with clients.  

With many useful features and being so simple to use, Drake Tax Software is a must for tax and accounting professionals seeking to lighten the burden placed upon them by preparation and filing requirement’s both for themselves, and their clients. 

If seeking to outsource some of your accounting, tax and bookkeeping burden as a CPA, look for a company that uses such software, to help give you the peace of mind you need when entrusting your clients sensitive data to someone else.   

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