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Who is Tej Kohli




Tej Kohli is a business mogul that has spread his tentacles in various areas. Born on the 17th day of August 1958, then 62 years old billionaire is a technologist and invests more in tech ventures. The Indian-born billionaire has two children.

Also, Tej Kohli owns Zibel Real Estate and other business ventures around the world. Aside from that, Tej Kohli is considered a billionaire philanthropist who has invested a lot in combating blindness. His Tej Kohli Foundation has taken care of a lot of patients with eye-related issues.

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What is Tej Kohli Net Worth?

Interestingly, Tej Kohli is believed to be worth $6 billion in 2016. His wealth had to be examined by the teaching hospital Harvard Medical School after he donated $2 million to help research corneal blindness.

According to Tej Kohli, he plans to find a cure to blindness and help those who are currently blind. Meanwhile, Tej Kohli owns real estate in Abu Dhabi too. Before now, he was not known but it seems his associates were pushing for his recognition as a billionaire. No doubt, Tej Kohli prefers to be anonymous but not anymore considering his outstanding contributions through his Tej Kohli Foundation.

Tej Kohli Background

Tej Kohli was born in New Delhi, India and his parents were middle-class. More so, Tej Kohli attended the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Furthermore, Tej Kohli completed his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in 1980. Also, along the line, he developed a huge passion for technology and its advancement.

After his sojourn in India, Tej Kohli found his way to California and set up a business called La Zibel in Los Angeles. Interestingly, the Zibel brand is one of Tej Kohli’s businesses. Somehow, Tej Kohli had some issues with the law and he was imprisoned for four years. However, after his time in prison, Tej Kohli moved to Costa Rica where he set up an online casino website.

After that, Tej Kohli also took a swing at an online payment business. He was the owner of a payment company known as Grafix Softech. However, after a sting with the company, Tej Kohli sold it and was paid off.

Since then, most Tej Kohli businesses have turned out to be internationally recognized companies. Right now, Tej seems to be more interested in real estate and the tech world.

Tej Kohli Personal Life

Tej Kohli currently has two children. Also, Tej Kohli is married to Wendy Kohli married. Wendy and Tej got married in 2001 and they had a moderate wedding ceremony.

The billionaire had since lived a quiet life until he made the donations in 2016. However, Tej’s life is still very private because he barely shows off his wealth in public.

Final Thought

Tej Kohli has become even more notable for his philanthropic gestures across the world. His interest in finding a solution to corneal blindness is unprecedented. However, Tej Kohli is active on social media too.

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