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Why and what the world is interested in the India IT Industry?




IT or what is known as Information Technology has now become one among the most important and indispensable parts of any industry, profession, educational institute or you can say almost all walks of life. The ever-increasing popularity of IT industry is all attributed to use of computers or such other gadgets in all spheres of life. Basically, IT refers to all the possible aspects of information systems that are based on computers. Chiefly, it comprises of hardware, software as well as Business Process Outsourcing. As far as Indian IT industry is concerned, it has stolen the attention of almost all the countries across the globe. It is due to multiple reasons. Now one may wonder why and what attracts the interest and attention of the entire world in Indian IT industry. We will discuss about the same in current article.

Availability of skilled English speaking professionals- It is perhaps one of the chief reasons as well as aspects of Indian IT industry that attracts the attention of the entire globe. India is full of skilled English speaking professionals. The numbers of such professionals is on the rise every year. It is an evident fact that English has become a global language and is used commonly at all places. To the credit of Indian workforce, you can find English speaking people all through the country who are able to converse well and make anyone understand the basics of anything. Same is equally true for information systems based on computers as well.

Cost-effectiveness- It is yet another good reason as well as feature of Indian IT industry that the world is interested in. The services offered by Indian IT industry are comparatively cheaper and easily affordable as compared to some other leading IT service providers across the globe. That is the reason some of the leading and renowned IT firms operating at various parts of the globe are interested in establishing their innovation centres in India.

Ever-increasing size of Indian IT industry- The constantly and ever-increasing size of Indian industry is also one among the most important reasons as well as features that draws attraction and attention of almost all the industries worldwide. The size of IT industry in India is increasing at a constant rate every year. It is all due to increase in the numbers of internet users, social media users and smartphone users. Even you can find internet users in the most rural and remote areas in India. Similarly, increased use as well as demand of e-commerce in all sectors of India is the chief force that attracts the interest of other countries towards its IT industry.

Support of social media and Indian Government– Apart from other factors, the Indian IT industry is also backed by the social media as well as its reputed and reliable government. The involvement and support of both social media and government of India in the progress and development of IT sector assures anyone of its success by leaps and bounds. And this is what is looked forward to by any investors worldwide as far as IT industry is concerned.

By now it has been clarified why and what is it that the world is interested in IT industry of India. There are multiple reasons as well as factors in support of it.

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