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Why are online app makers an ideal solution for app reselling businesses?




There is no shortage of businesses today interested in buying mobile apps. App development is long and tedious. Buying an app from a reseller means bypassing all troubles of app development, design, testing, and a myriad of other complications. 

This is naturally great news for all the app resellers in the market. A large base of possible buyers is exactly what they need to scale. 

The sole reason for this boom in app reselling is the rise of mobile apps. In Q3 2020, global app downloads on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store touched 36.4 billion. It was 37.8 billion in Q2 2020. (Source)

Mobile apps are a rising wave in the world of technology. It is natural for brands and businesses to leverage this rising wave and enhance their own position in the market. 

The primary logistical challenge in the rise of this trend is the process of app development. Even seasoned app developers take time to build an app which meets the expectations of their clients. Think then about the overall difficulty of learning how to create an app and deliver it to a client. Despite a great demand for premium mobile apps, development challenges narrow the supply. 

Online app makers have recently emerged as a great solution to overcome this challenge. This piece presents an analysis on how they are an ideal solution for app reselling businesses. 

First, let us get the basics out of the way. 

What are online app makers?

Online app makers (also known as mobile app builders) are DIY app building solutions. They do not require users to know any kind of programming languages. Essentially, people using such solutions to make apps without coding. 

In their early days, most app makers were quite basic and did not offer the level of functionality custom app developers did. However, new tools like AppMySite have changed the scene now. Users can create truly premium apps for both Android and iOS devices without writing a single line of code. 

Let us take design as an example. Tools like AppMySite provide a lot of customizability options that help users create a powerful app design. Furthermore, AppMySite also updates its platform regularly to help users improve their design appeal at every stage. 

Design is not the only vertical app makers simplify. Other tenets of app development such as testing, and performance are also simplified. 

How do online app makers work?

There are many DIY tools which provide app building solutions. They follow different paths to help users create premium apps without coding. 

Generally, mobile app builders provide users the ability to use their websites as a base to create an app. Let us take AppMySite as an example again to understand this process. 

AppMySite enables WordPress and WooCommerce users to use their websites to create apps. The tool essentially asks users to connect their website to their app making platform with the help of the AppMySite WordPress app plugin. This plugin connects the WordPress websites to the app making platform. 


The content within the app is then loaded directly from the website. Any changes made to the website content are suitably reflected on the app as well. In other words, users can control their app content from their website. An DIY app building solution like AppMySite thus enables users to create a WooCommerce or WordPress app without coding. 

Why should app resellers consider using DIY app makers?

App resellers face many challenges. App development is only the beginning. Marketing the app to prospective buyers and tweaking the app to meet client expectations are also major challenges. 

How do app resellers help solve these problems? The following sections highlight the same.

#1 – Simplified app building

A lot has been said about the complexity of app development. Developers need to learn a lot of programming languages before gaining the ability to create an app. 

Even after learning how to create an app, making one is still a challenge. Clients have all kinds of specifications and needs which vary. Thus, traditional code-based development is a big challenge for app resellers. 

Online app makers provide resellers the ability to create premium apps without coding. This reduces the technical investment they need to make to build an app. 

It is naturally difficult for a new app reseller to either learn app development or hire a team of talented developers. DIY app builders take away this problem and provide a direct path to getting an app. 

#2 – Shorter turnaround time

App resellers generally take three to four months to build an app. If we add the time it takes to sell an app to a potential client, every app journey takes somewhere around ten months. 

This is a long time, almost nonviable for someone new to the app reselling space. The time it takes to convert a prospect into a buyer is somewhat unpredictable. However, the turnaround time can be shortened significantly with the help of mobile app builders. 

AppMySite for example provides app resellers the ability to build an app in a matter of a few minutes. This can drastically improve the ability of resellers to build apps quickly and sell more to prospective buyers. 

#3 – Buyer transparency 

During custom development, resellers must develop complex app prototypes. These prototypes help clients see the basic working of the app and make up their minds about buying it. 

Mobile app builders provide app preview features. These preview features essentially help users test the basic functioning of an app like the prototypes do. However, an app preview is much more powerful because it resembles the final app very accurately. 


This is difficult to achieve with prototypes which are essentially model apps with little or no functionality. Thus, an app maker can help resellers provide greater transparency with preview features.

#4 – Faster app tweaking

Clients are bound to demand several tweaks and changes before finally buying the app. In custom development, making each tweak requires coding. Furthermore, some tweaks can become problematic as they alter end up affecting other app modules as well. 

This is not a problem when resellers use app makers. Making changes to an app built on a DIY app builder is a simple matter of a few clicks. This helps resellers because they don’t have to spend days making changes to the app’s codebase. The clients are also naturally happy because they get their desired changes in a short span of time. 

In conclusion

App reselling is often regarded nonviable because of steep development costs and long turnaround schedules. There is a demand for apps but the process of developing them is not scalable unless we eliminate the need for code. 

Online app builders do just that. These DIY tools create a framework where app resellers can create premium mobile apps in a short turnaround time without coding. This can naturally help resellers scale their app building process significantly. 

This piece discusses the basics of app makers and the reasons why app resellers must consider using them. There are many viable options resellers can choose to create apps without coding. AppMySite leads these options as the world’s first AI-powered mobile app builder.

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