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Why Python is sluggish and How to Speed it Up?

Ali Bajwa



As you know, Python is a programming language that has a diverse range in developing software and websites. Not to mention how robust it is for developers around the world. It has a super easy syntax and impressive libraries that is enough to grab the attention of developers.

However, there are times when it becomes noticeably sluggish and that makes the work compromised. And if you are a developer you might have thought about why python is slow and how to speed it up. If you are looking for a jargon-free answer, all you need to do is to scroll a little more and read his post till the end.

So if you have tried many ways, this post is going to be your ultimate solution.

What python is slow?

Python language is typed dynamically unlike the traditional languages (Java and C++) so that makes it noticeably slower and delayed. Its dynamic approach and versatile performance are what make things slower.

Unlike other languages, Python is simplified and easier to read for its syntax and readable code. Certainly, that comes with a flip side and that design choice and standout performance are what make this language rather slow. However, the good news is you can speed up Python if you hire a python developer’s team that is efficient, reliable, and robust in their strategies.

Many things make the python language different from the traditional ones. Such as C++ involves variables whereas Python has names. The python language has code that is otherwise easy to read by the developers.

There can be a plethora of reasons why the python language is sluggish. You have to type python dynamically, unlike other languages where the code is statically typed. So this easy-to-read approach makes things slower among other downsides.

How to speed up Python?

Now let’s get to the part you have been waiting for. How to speed up python real quick and efficiently that brings in the total anticipated results. For instance, you can apply the following solutions to speed up the python language:

  •         Using the Python built-in functions is among the most common and efficient ways to speed up the code. It makes things optimized and smarter for keeping things swift.
  •         Multiprocessing to bypass the GIL limitation
  •         Numba, which speeds up Python by JIT-compiling to native code
  •         External libraries that are faster and release GIL, allowing multithreading
  •         Use built-in C-modules in Python like range()
  •         Wait for many tasks to end at the same time since I/O asks to let out GIL
  •         Try to run CPU tasks side by side in multiprocessing

Which is a reliable Python development company?

If you can’t do the python programming work the team of python developers will do the best. However, looking for one of the most efficient outsourcing software development companies is not child’s play. 

Therefore, Mitrais offers you a trustworthy approach to python development that is reliable in many respects. For example, Mitrais is unarguably offering its customers the secure development process for Python

Moreover, the python development process at Mitrais is pretty strict as that of Australia and other top overseas companies. 

Why choose Mitrais?

Mitrais is an Indonesia-based company. They have a smart and efficient team of 600 developers to start your work quickly without delay. This tells you the quality approach of the software development at Mitrais. They have more than 30 years of hands-on experience in software development.

For Python development and speed-up they bring up highly skilled talents to ensure the latest strategies, tech practices, and the transparency of work.

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