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WIMI Hologram AR+AI digital advertising prospect is good

Adriaan Brits



According to a new report released by AR design platform Camera IQ, 76 percent of consumers have already used AR, and more than half of those who have not yet tried AR say they want to experience it in the future. In addition, AR has the potential to “go viral”. Seventy-eight percent of consumers said they wanted to share brand AR experiences on social media, and more than four in 10 said they preferred to share AR experiences than other types of brand experiences.

AR is the gateway to the metaverse because of its ability to transform social media platforms into mixed reality experiences that people can create together.Interesting and popular filter effects, AR games, and AR product visualizations resonate with consumers.The most common experience that consumers encounter is product visualization, accounting for 39%. AR product visualization also accelerates the buying process for consumers, with 59% of consumers saying they will be more likely to buy products they see through AR ads.

For the study, the Camera IQ surveyed 1,500 American consumers. The ages ranged from 16 to 54 years older, with most being between 18 and 44. Camera IQ’s research delves into consumer preferences and behaviors related to AR, social media, and e-commerce, revealing how brands can leverage AR in today’s marketing ads, while laying the foundation for their surreal strategies.

Let’s start with the ads first.What is advertising? simply speaking, is a widely spreading of information. What is a qualified advertisement? It is the one can let a person have an impression, remember the advertisement, is qualified advertising.

What is good advertising? It is the one who can let people word of mouth, the formation of the topic of advertising is good advertising, just like the above mentioned consumers are willing to share AR advertising, then these advertisers’ advertising costs are not wasted, and achieve double the effect of ordinary advertising!

Looking back at global 2021, advertising spending grew by 19.9% year on year, part of which the most significant growth was digital advertising, growing by nearly 30%. 2022 Global digital advertising companies, 42.9% of advertisers are expected to increase their investment in digital marketing. Among them, there are many more than 500 million large advertising advertisers, and these enterprises will be more “strong” in the digital marketing and promotion expenses. In 2022, the advertising market showed recovery growth, and the higher the traffic peak, the more firm the marketing is. This is not the industry self-volume and internal consumption, but the virtual economy to boost the flood of enterprises to understand the consumer interest and focus, is the prerequisite to seize the successful advertising.

Big brands like Bumble, Away and Smashbox have demonstrated how AR technology can complement mainstream channels such as social media, search engine optimization and web celebrity marketing campaigns. Mobile commerce and consumer behavior are increasingly moving into the virtual world, in which case AR is a complementary part that will enable companies to provide the digital experience that consumers expect. META(FB) is undoubtedly a global leader in digital advertising, and META remains a major player in the advertising market in 2022. META has been working on AR / VR for many years, and is expected to attract consumers through AR experience, and continue to stabilize its advertising dominance in AR dynamic product advertising transformation on META.

Obviously, the birth of AR, the popularity of AR experience and the world effect of the social media explosion, more to show people the function and fun of AR.Increasingly powerful smartphones enable users to use AR content anywhere, too.At the same time, consumers in the new era have understood what kind of advertising information they are more willing to share, which also gives this era a new impetus to move forward.In this trend of The Times, of course, there is no lack of enterprises began to sell business in the virtual world, how to marketing in the virtual world has become a new business. 

It is understood that, as an AR as the core company, WIMI Hologram (NASDAQ: WIMI) has been constantly expanding AR capabilities, committed to AR technology innovation and AR ecological construction, reshaping people’s life and communication ways, while providing enterprises with metaverse social marketing solutions.The strong AR augmented reality is considered by the industry as an explosive technology that “supports the market scale of one trillion yuan”, and has a wide application space in education, entertainment, advertising, tourism, transportation and other fields. WIMI AR + AI has injected strong impetus into digital creative advertising display, bringing new opportunities for interactive design and audience advertising experience.

WIMI Hologram “AR + AI” interactive display system uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence technology to help print media to achieve three-dimensional, expanded, diversified display, and at the same time can realize the connection of digital content product line offline sales and online sales business. In fact, WIMI Hologram AR is the strength to bring digital marketing channels into life.WIMI Hologram provides an interactive 3D visualization of product or brand advertising, provides more product information, and brings users into a digital interactive AR experience that features music and animation.

WIMI Hologram stands at the forefront of digital advertising marketing, where consumers integrate into advertising displays through their AR triggers, and advertisers are now able to expand their businesses and operations into the virtual world to expand their reach. In addition, WIMI has planned advertising for events such as metaverse AR / VR concerts and games. Although the company more mentions its potential services in AR / VR applications, it is largely speculated that its metaverse AR development may also involve enabling advertising. With the help of the development momentum of the metaverse, it can also dismantle the marketing possibility of virtual and real products.The virtualization of greatly augmented reality advertising by building an immersive digital experience.

In the long run, augmented reality entertainment and augmented reality ecological advertising have incremental growth opportunities, and the future advertising visual marketing means will be more abundant, and users will have more diversified needs for visual modeling. Advertising brands need to make comprehensive use of virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence and other visual interaction technologies to promote consumers’ AR experience. In any case, in the current fierce competition, paying more attention to user transformation and growth is the inevitable choice of advertisers, and it is also an inevitable trend to evolve from a small amount of transformation to long-term growth with the help of technology.

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