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WiMi Hologram Cloud(NASDAQ: WIMI) to build development advantages in the digital era

Adriaan Brits



WiMi Hologram Cloud

Digital economy refers to a new economic form that takes digital technology as the basis, data as the core, and the network as the link, and uses information technology to realize the comprehensive digitalization of production, circulation, exchange, consumption, and other links, and promotes the comprehensive digitalization and intelligent development of the economy and society. The digital economy has become a new engine of global economic development and is known as the “Fifth Industrial Revolution”.

Unprecedented Development Opportunities 

Accelerating the development of the digital economy is a strategic deployment for China to build a modern industrial system and promote high-quality economic development. It is also a strategic choice for China to grasp the new opportunities of the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. Some institutions point out that “science and technology security” + “digital economy” continues the whole “14th Five-Year” development cycle, driven by multiple favorable factors such as policy, investment, technology, and market, the digital economy ushered in unprecedented development opportunities.

 We will strengthen the top-level design of systematic breakthroughs in key and core technologies, strengthen research on cutting-edge technologies, and promote self-reliance and self-improvement in high-level science and technology through independent innovation in core technologies in the digital field. We will strengthen the development of next-generation information infrastructure, strengthen, optimize, and expand the digital economy, accelerate digital industrialization and industrial digitalization, and accelerate the coordinated transformation of digital and green development.


According to a research report released by Cinda Securities, the development of the digital economy needs to rely on the research and development of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, intelligent manufacturing, and cloud computing. Indeed, the development of the digital economy cannot be separated from the support of digital technology. Thanks to the continuous development of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other technologies, the digital economy is at the forefront.

Cloud computing is an important foundation for the development of the digital economy. It can provide powerful computing and storage capacity and provide support for all fields of the digital economy. Big data is the core of the digital economy, which can collect, analyze and use massive data to provide decision support and growth power for all aspects of the digital economy; Artificial intelligence is the future of the digital economy, which can simulate human intelligence and realize intelligent production, service, and management.

WiMi Hologram Cloud Seizes This Opportunity

Undoubtedly, the development of the digital economy has brought great opportunities and challenges and is an important trend for future economic development. In this context, WiMi Hologram Cloud(NASDAQ: WIMI), as a leading enterprise in the concept of the digital economy, has experienced the bottoming and storage power in recent years, with a strong performance in holographic AR advertising, semiconductor, overseas business and so on. Vigorously developing the digital and real economy is its new growth engine. From the perspective of future growth potential, WiMi Hologram Cloud will foster more leading and competitive industries with high standards, strive to seize the commanding heights of high-quality development, and release new drivers to become one of the “main engines” of the development of the digital economy.

In the face of a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution accelerated evolution, the global step into the era of the digital economy, and the big data industry in a new round of development opportunities, it is understood that the WiMi Hologram Cloud fully embrace the Internet, integrated the cloud computing, AI, big data, AR, 5G technology ability, improve the company’s existing products and services, emerged in all walks of life of digital excellent cases, not only power digital transformation and upgrading of industry, also for their innovation more solid high-quality income。

In addition, in terms of digital and real integration, WiMi Hologram Cloud focuses on business innovation and efficiency, increased its self-research technology strength in various fields such as chip, big data, AI, and Internet of Things, accumulated rich technical reserves, and maintained high attention to invention patents, to enhance the underlying ability of independent innovation. At the same time, WiMi Hologram Cloud has developed a series of future high-quality growth and sustainable social value innovation, and promoted the deep integration of cutting-edge technologies such as AI and AR with industrial, education, advertising, and other physical industries, thus creating a series of technology benchmarking solutions to achieve sustainable application. In the future, WiMi Hologram Cloud will continue to focus on creating user, business, and social value through technology and innovation.


To Sum Up

The construction of digital China bears on the overall development of the country. Enterprises will seize investment opportunities in the scarce digital economy, and state policies will support their digital transformation and upgrading, implement a new round of technological upgrading, and foster and strengthen new drivers of economic development. In line with the trend of The Times, WiMi Hologram Cloud presses the pace of the acceleration button to digital transformation and upgrading again, and makes full use of the fresh blood of cutting-edge technology to realize empowerment. We will seize new opportunities on our new journey and add strong momentum to high-quality development, and the superimposed effect of the digital economy on high-quality WiMi Hologram Cloud development will be further highlighted in the future.

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