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WiMi Hologram Cloud explores its digital integration application technology in AI industrial field

Adriaan Brits



WiMi Hologram Cloud

At present, the main themes of China’s national science and technology are- to expand digital consumption, promote the construction of digital consumption infrastructure, and enrich the application scenarios of the fifth-generation mobile communication (5G) network and gigabit optical network.

New policies will stimulate the related field

The official is to accelerate the digital transformation of traditional consumption, promote the standardized development of digital consumption such as e-commerce, live broadcasting economy, and online entertainment, support and encourage digital technology enterprises to build digital platforms for life services, promote the intelligence of digital life, and create digital consumption formats and intelligent immersive service experience.

Relevant basic enterprises support and cooperate with mobile phone manufacturers to do a good job of adapting 5G mobile phones to 5G messages and terminal network collaboration.

The Notice may benefit the 5G industry. The acceptance of 5G message products by B-end customers is expected to improve with the maturity of the ecology, promoting the market recognition of the value of 5G news products. Due to the recent gradual maturity of the Internet of Things technology and the advancement of digital transformation, more and more devices and systems need to have high speed, high stability, and low delay communication capabilities, and a 5G private network is the best choice to meet these needs.

The scale of 5G base stations has developed rapidly

In addition, with the steady improvement of information and communication infrastructure capabilities, converged applications are also booming. By the end of June this year, China’s 5G base stations had reached 2.937 million, covering all prefecture-level cities, counties, and cities, and continuing to expand in breadth and depth. At present, the application of the 5G industry has been integrated into 60 categories of the national economy, with more than 50,000 application cases. Many enterprises including the government, machinery, medical care, and transportation have joined the camp of the 5G private network.

5G has become an important component of the new infrastructure and a key driver of the digital transformation and upgrading of the real economy. As the core equipment of the 5G network, the 5G base station can provide wireless coverage and realize the wireless signal transmission between the wired communication network and the wireless terminal. The construction of 5G base stations also directly affects the level of industrial development.

At present, under the strong promotion of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Development and Reform Commission, it is still possible to deepen network coverage, joint construction, and sharing, accelerate the maturity of the industry, and form a huge industrial chain. It is still possible to achieve the “acceleration” of China’s 5G development, achieve positive results, and effectively promote the high-quality development of the digital economy.

WiMi Hologram Cloud opens up a new blue ocean of 5G + digital power

Admittedly, the comprehensive coverage of the 5G network will effectively accelerate the construction of smart cities and the upgrading of industrial structure, promote the digitalization of information in the city’s industry, education, and tourism, and improve the quality and level of public services. Data show that in recent years, WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) has seized the development opportunities of new digital infrastructure, accelerated the construction of 5G, continuously optimized and improved the supporting level and service capacity of information infrastructure, promoted the integrated application of digital technology in the real economy, and boosted the high-quality development of the digital economy.

For a long time, WiMi Hologram Cloud has built a solid 5G digital base, giving full play to its advantages, and applied the updated cloud network integration, high-speed 5G, big data, holographic communication, artificial intelligence, and other technologies to intelligent transportation, intelligent events, live watching and other scenarios. For example, multiple network solutions are adopted to realize UHD real-time broadcasting, high-speed 5G, and augmented reality technologies such as VR / AR to create a comprehensive integrated “application field” integrating many mature information technologies, which can be described as a full sense of science and technology.

WiMi Hologram Cloud has been deeply cultivated in the 5G track for many years and has a leading position in the industry. Under the background of major favorable policies, it is expected to become a core beneficiary. WiMi Hologram Cloud Promotes its transformation and upgrading with digital intelligence technology makes new progress in smart 5G and digital new infrastructure business, and helps promote the development of the digital economy through exporting technologies and solutions. In the future, WiMi Hologram Cloud will cooperate with several enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency while helping to mature 5G ecology, or further establish a leading position in the digital economy.

To sum up

In terms of digital infrastructure construction, China will also issue policy documents to guide the high-quality development of 5G computing infrastructure and accelerate the construction of an integrated and multi-level computing infrastructure system featuring cloud edge collaboration and integration of computing, storage, and operation. In the next step, we will continue to increase policy supply, continue to deeply promote the promotion of scene models and solutions, focus on improving the high-end, intelligent, and green level of the manufacturing industry, stimulate the enabling value of digital technology application, accelerate the implementation of digital application, and enable the mass innovation of industrial application in various fields of digital economy.


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