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WiMi: The Pioneer of the Metaverse Industry (NASDAQ: WIMI)

Adriaan Brits



At present, the metaverse is arguably the hottest topic, yet many people only have a half-understanding of it. Simply put, the metaverse is a virtual world parallel to the real world, and its essential features are five major fusions: the fusion of digital world and physical world, the fusion of digital economy and real economy, the fusion of digital life and social life, the fusion of digital assets and physical assets, and the fusion of digital identity and real identity. So what kind of period is the metaverse in at present and what are the technologies that need to be available to develop it?

The metaverse is still in its infancy

The metaverse has many exciting features that will grow into a huge market. But back to reality, the current development of metaverse is still in its infancy. As an emerging industry, the development of metaverse can be divided into 3 stages: budding, growing, and mature. From the perspective of the current development status, the metaverse is currently in the budding stage, the industrial foundation is relatively weak, and there is still a big gap from the mature application. In the budding stage, in addition to technical constraints, there are still many realistic bottlenecks to break through for the implementation of metaverse scenarios.

5G, AI and XR will be the important technical pillars of the metaverse. The 5G and Wi-Fi connection with high speed and low latency, together with the edge-side cloud collaboration, can significantly improve the energy efficiency and processing rate, which can provide technical support for image rendering and game experience of the metaverse. In addition, the establishment of 5G private networks, wireless fiber and network access points will be for the metaverse such large-scale network infrastructure provides a guarantee.

During the development process, there are many technologies that need to be actively explored as well as more landing practices. At present, it seems that XR, 5G and AI will be the important basic technologies in the development of metaverse.

5G, AI technology is an indispensable part of building metaverse ecology

As an important driving force of the new round of digital economy and industrial change, the development of metaverse can be said to be of great concern. Along with the metaverse concept, VR, AR and other industries as its entrance have also ushered in a new stage of development. The 5G and AI technologies behind these developments play a very important role.

With the 5G connection of high speed and low latency, some complex graphics processing and rendering can be done first with the arithmetic power of the cloud, and the XR terminal only needs to access the massive data in the cloud through the network, so the XR terminal with the support of 5G can further simplify the configuration to achieve a more portable design and solve the problem of bulky experience of the device; the addition of AI can analyze and learn from the data, which can better capture the user’s hand, eye, and eye. The addition of AI can analyze and learn from the data to better capture the user’s hands, eyeballs and position, improve the accuracy of virtual world interaction, and make XR devices closer to the real experience and more humane, while with the addition of AI, some of the more complex operations can be realized through the XR terminal and cloud collaboration to improve the efficiency of content processing and rendering.

At present, VR/AR terminals can be divided into two forms: all-in-one and split, which target two different usage scenarios: split can connect to external devices for a stronger performance experience and not worry about battery life; while all-in-one devices can get rid of cable ties and are more flexible to use.

5G, AI, and XR technologies are not separate in the metaverse, but are closely linked. For example, the high bandwidth of the 5G network can solve the problem of wireless transmission of XR content, and the low latency feature of 5G can alleviate the problem of vertigo caused by screen delay. AI can collect all kinds of data on XR devices and process them efficiently. The development of XR devices will reverse the development of AI and 5G to promote deep and industrial combinations.

WiMi becomes the pioneer of metaverse

WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI), known as “the first AR holographic stock”, focuses on AI plus XR content production technology, promotes the digital transformation of traditional cultural and creative industries, and has launched a number of virtual human production technologies such as AR virtual space interaction system, AI digital human interaction system, virtual idol performance, XR shooting system, etc.

Having worked on this field for many years, WiMi has also accumulated a large number of talents, patents and corresponding industry chain preparation. WiMi had established a relatively complete AR technology R&D system, VR content production and reserve system, and AR/VR commercialization system. In terms of patents, it has developed 195 patents on technologies related to image processing and display, model input/output, 3D modeling, 325 software copyrights, and 5,000 AR/VR contents of high quality and high fidelity.

Also, WiMi’s 5G application itself is under gradual development and innovation. On the 5G track, WiMi is working on 5G development, accelerating 5G technology innovation, promoting the deep integration of 5G and economic and social development, creating 5G application “model rooms” in more scenarios, and forming new “benchmarks”. The company has continued to deepen the implementation of 5G applications, and has made progress in improving 5G application support capabilities, empowering key areas, focusing on the 5G+AI application innovation ecology, solidly promoting the scale of 5G applications, and fully promoting the development of industrial integration and innovation.

The development of metaverse is still at an early stage, and a series of problems such as technology, content ecology and standard construction will be encountered in the future development process. In this process, WiMi holds a number of important basic technologies of the metaverse such as XR+5G+AI, and cooperates with other manufacturers to create a good development environment for the industry.

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