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WISHEW and the new era of social networking: The revolution is underway




The WISHEW app and platform will

officially launch in the United States on

World Wish Day, April 29.

For Immediate Release: (April 29, 2024 — New York, NY) – New social platform app Wishew will launch in the US market on World Wish Day, April 29th. Wishew, born from the dream of three Italian entrepreneurs, is the first social network on a global scale that combines the world of personal crowdfunding with the 2.0 story of today’s social networks. Their concept is aimed at users of all ages (targeting 18-55) who are looking for a new approach to satisfying their desires, both goals and wish-list items, by introducing a social app that is part of creating connections with like-minded people by people creates a user experience and also creates a sense of community between users. Fulfilling wishes, supporting dreams and making incredible new friendships: on this basis, Wishew opens the door to a new and dynamic era in the world of social networks, making solidarity and mutual support the greatest events ever.

On World Wish Day, April 29, the world’s first highly anticipated wish-granting social network debuts. Wishew, the world’s first wish-granting social network, will officially be available for download in the US Android and Apple app stores. After the app is released, all the user has to do is post their wishes to make them come true with the help of other dreamers.

In Wishew’s discovery section, users will discover thousands of videos waiting for them, sharing personal stories, challenges and dreams. It’s an immersive, vivid and uniquely human experience that engages the user from the first moment. Participation is intuitive and rewarding: through voluntary donations, users contribute to the fulfilment of others’ wishes and in return receive rewards and special privileges. At the same time, users can share their wishes through personal videos and invite other dreamers to support them.

“We envisioned Wishew as the world’s largest wish-granting machine. A platform that reinvents social networking and moves it into an era of unprecedented innovation and inclusiveness. We are proud of this extraordinary responsibility.” – Founders of Wishew

In short, Wishew marks the beginning of a new paradigm in social media, bringing a breath of fresh air with a clear purpose: to transform wishes into the world’s most innovative, engaging and supportive language of connection.

“At this time, with the direction the world is going, we believe we can add more value to people’s lives with this platform. A tool like Wishew will allow people to reach out and lend a helping hand, encouraging camaraderie and positive support. With joy, personal fulfilment and hope for yourself, for others and for the future. Maybe it’s a bit bold to say, but for us this product represents a social revolution. Yes, it’s ambitious, but we’re excited to find out.” – Founders of Wishew

Currently, the global wish market is worth around $100 trillion. This value is based on the money people spend on goods and services and the time and effort they put into satisfying their wants. “5.3 billion people are surviving rather than thriving.” This includes taking on debt to survive and be happy, feeling lonely in society, the constant fear of having to make ends meet, and the mental health epidemic: 90% of Americans feel they are in a mental health crisis. Anxiety and psychological depression are just some of the consequences, layered into the general scheme of current social, economic and global pressures.

Wishew wants to offer people a new tool to improve their lives. It is designed to make aspirations attainable, create excitement through experiences and remove personal pressure. People will be able to save more and have less debt by asking themselves what makes them happiest. It is also motivation for the participants.

By fulfilling the wishes of others, users also earn privileges and points for participating in the Wish Game. Every day, the most active contributors have a chance to win great prizes, such as dream trips, the best technology, such as the new iPhone, and other prizes.

“The goal is to make personal crowdfunding and donations the most social and awesome thing ever – Wishew founders.

Platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo focus exclusively on commercial proposals and projects. GoFundMe and JustGiving focus on charitable causes and urgent, serious situations that usually require special attention, often after a crisis or death. Wishew draws on consumer goods, travel, hobbies, as well as dreams and goals, while still supporting the presence of work, projects and charitable initiatives on the platform.

“Christmas would be all year round. Everyone has at least one wish, big or small. With a platform like this, we can all help each other achieve our desires.” – Interviewed user, Mariya Cayton


As for the business model, the minivan will have the first two revenue streams active. The first is a 12% transaction commission. 12% receive compensation related to the service provided by the platform, including costs related to financial transactions. There will also be incremental boost options for users, such as 3 or 7 days to highlight the wish campaign.

After the United States, the platform will launch in the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Mena and Latin America. The goal and initial projection is to reach more than 10 million users

The social wish-fulfilment app aims to disrupt the market space and revolutionize the social communities offered in that space by offering a new kind of platform: enabling users to help each other and themselves to achieve what was previously unattainable.

Wishew is the latest technological venture by entrepreneurs; Giacomo Vose (Founder & CEO),  Antonino Risicato (CMO & Co-Founder), and Vincenzo De Caro (CGO & Co-Founder).

The three founders offer a fresh approach to the crowdfunding space by applying their tapped in social knowledge. The app is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

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