With Hey! Vina, ladies can now make female friends with ease

For an adult, developing friendships is not a very easy thing. Unlike young people who have school recess during which they get time to develop friendships, adults have no such opportunities. Are you already an adult and are struggling to develop new friendships? Hey! Vina is a new Tinder-like app that enables women to acquire new friends by just a swipe.

When Olivia June Poole and Jen Aprahamian, both from Silicon Valley, met at the General Assembly Computer Programming School, they felt that it would be good to help women make friends all over the world depending on where they are. With this motivation, they got down to work and now for women, friendship is just a swipe away.
Vina is a Scottish female name which means “friend” or “beloved”. Though in a limited release, the app is currently in use in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco cities.

The developers of the app were keen to ensure security of women. For this reason, they developed the app in such a way that users can only sign up using Facebook, which helps in ensuring authenticity of accounts. According to Poole, the app will eventually permit users to see only “friends of friends”. This will enable the user to personally verify a new friend before meeting them in person.

Upon signing up, the app prompts you to answer a few questions relating to your personality, for example the activities that you enjoy, whether you like meeting up for coffee or wine, the stage of life you are currently in and the like. After answering these questions, the app will show you women with like interests with whom you can decide to meet up just as happens with a date.

Poole developed this idea when she was using Okcupid dating app. She was quick to notice that it had a feature capable of showing you women who are similar to you within your vicinity. She considered these women to have potential to be great friends. She combined this with the idea of an offline club of wine drinking ladies that she had formed in San Francisco, referred to as “Ladies who Vino” and was able to come up with Hey! Vina.


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