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Wodo Gaming’s $XWGT Pre-Sale Reached $550,000 Target in Record Time





Wodo is revolutionizing gaming by simplifying blockchain complexity by a unique and rewardin gaming ecosystem: A game hub, store, marketplace, incubation, card, hosting, and development kits with multichain access. The $XWGT token stands out as the core digital asset used within the live and running products of Wodo Gaming Ecosystem, offering players 8 utilities: 

  1. Enhanced Ecosystem Engagement 
  2. Facilitates Transactions 
  3. Cross-Game Utility 
  4. Incentive Alignment 
  5. Value Creation and Distribution 
  6. Monetization Strategy 
  7. Market Positioning 
  8. Decentralization and Democratization 

Wodo Gaming $XWGT token, developed with the latest technology and bolstered by a passionate community, has successfully completed its pre-sale target, raising $550,000. This significant milestone was achieved through highly anticipated rounds conducted on Spores Network, Kommunitas, and Kingdom Starter launchpads. The intense interest from the community and investors underscores the strong confidence and enthusiasm for $XWGT. The rapid filling of pre-sale allocations highlighted the promising potential of the project and the trust the community has in Wodo Gaming. 

“This success demonstrates Wodo Gaming’s growth potential and the interest shown by the community,” says Bekir Dag, Co-founder & CEO of Wodo Network. “We thank our investors and community for their trust. This pre-sale represents an important step in shaping the future of Wodo Gaming.” emphasizes Serhat Tanrikut, Co-founder & CTO of Wodo Network. 

Having concluded the pre-sale, Wodo Gaming is now preparing for the next exciting phase of the $XWGT project. Wodo Gaming is delighted to announce that XWGT will be officially listed on June 5th at MEXC. This listing marks an important step forward in Wodo Gaming’s journey as it continues to build and expand its offerings. 

For more information about $XWGT and future developments, visit website and follow on X (Twitter)

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