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Women In Technology & Tech Companies; What Gaps Are Left?

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



Women in Technology might refer to women in all disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Women in Technology ( Album), by White City. Women in Technology International, an international organization dedicated to advancing the status of women in technology and business. Also, it refers to a woman who is a computer operator, software engineer, data analyst, designer, or other technicians in the computer field. These women have many career opportunities for employment.

There are many female tech leaders. Among them are Anne Waters, Chief Information Officer/Chief Executive Officer at NorthPoint Communications; Joanne Simpson, founder and president of CoreSite Consulting, a technology industry pioneer, and adviser; Helen Greiner, a principal executive officer of PayPal and creator of the PayPal Group; Meg Carter, a senior vice president of EA World, a premier entertainment software developer, and designer; Lisa Stevens, an executive vice president of Zynga, a maker of card games and virtual worlds; Trista Gudakunst, founder and president of Trista Systems, an enterprise architect and systems integrator; Wendy Darling, a product designer, and marketing manager of Microsoft’s multimedia group; Terrie Williams, a product designer and senior vice president of Microsoft’s interactive products group; Victoria Goolsby, an executive vice president of Microsoft’s interactive and entertainment group. These women are part of the ranks of women in technology and have been successful in their careers and are now leading the way in advancing technology and changing the face of the technology industry.

Women in Technology had made significant contributions to the technology industry. These include the Chief Information Officer/Chief Executive Officer of NorthPoint Communications. Anne Waters has been named as one of the most effective CIOs of all time, by IDG and CMOPS. As a former CIO, she helped the company achieve new frontiers in e-commerce and content delivery. In the role of CEO, she has reorganized the company’s structure and led the company to its largest acquisition ever, acquiring a stake in-game developer (EA) Allpo.

The number of tech companies with women in c-suite executive positions is increasing rapidly. The reason for this is because of advances in technology that allow employers to provide high-level applicants with information about their companies and position openings at the same time. Companies are able to do this because they can send information via email, instant message, VOIP, and various forms of online applications that are accessible to any Internet-connected person, anywhere.

Women In Technology’s top leaders also support diversity initiatives and participate in training programs and employee diversity initiatives. Women in leadership positions should be held accountable for their decisions. Women were asked what they feel would be a good approach to handling a situation if their boss or co-worker ever made a decision that caused them to question their own gender or their place in society. Most women said that they would try to remain calm and think about the best way to respond instead of getting angry, which would not contribute to their success or their career growth. More than half of the women surveyed said that they felt that their bosses behaved negatively toward them because of their gender.

Women have yet to close the gap between men and women in technology and leadership. According to a 2002 survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, only 29% of the largest American corporations are led by a woman CEO. Advances in technology and leadership roles are still a long way off. If women want to see progress in their careers, they need to see themselves as valued and competent members of the tech industry.

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