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XP Investments forms partnership with Genesis




Genesis, an international capital markets software firm, has partnered with XP Investments to design, build and implement products to automate workflows, which will in turn support business growth.

XP Investments provides an array of equities, fixed income and derivatives products and services to both institutions and individuals. Previously relying on manual, complex and time-consuming processes (for example, legacy databases, Excel, voice, instant messenger and email communications), the firm was looking for a smarter, digital approach.

Following a competitive due diligence process, XP Investments selected Genesis due to their deep domain knowledge and Low Code Application Platform, built specifically for capital markets.

This will help XP streamline & automate workflows.

“After a thorough market review, we chose Genesis because of their expertise in the capital markets space – especially treasury, post-trade, wealth management, and across asset classes.” says Adelia Gomez, chief operations officer of XP Investments.

“We are very impressed by Genesis’ ability to quickly deliver quality solutions. As a result, our trading capacity has grown significantly; revenue has increased, while our operational efficiency has been enhanced to the benefit of our clients.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Stephen Murphy, chief executive officer of Genesis, adds: “We are privileged to have XP Investments as a strategic partner. We are very proud that we continue to deliver these exceptional products to the industry all built on the Low Code Application Platform. We look forward to progressing our innovative collaboration with XP Investments to develop future products that will ultimately help scale the business.”

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The platform enables the rapid creation of products and solutions without having to write substantial lines of code. It is the only capital markets-wide, asset-class-agnostic platform for developing, sustaining and operating technology solutions.

XP Investments initially chose Genesis to develop a treasury product to automate workflow management between the trading desk, institutional clients and wealth managers. The first iteration was developed and deployed within only weeks; demonstrating that building on Genesis’ Low Code Application Platform is much faster, simpler and more cost-effective than the use of other internal/external vendors.

Following the success of the treasury product, Genesis has collaborated closely with XP Investments to develop a suite of complementary post-trade and wealth management products.

The development has included full integration with XP Investments’ existing in-house and vendor technology, for example, Bloomberg TOMS, Pershing, and a customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

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