Zigbee System-on-Chip Market | Technological Advancements Expected To Boost Revenue Growth

Zigbee System-on-Chip Market – Overview

Zigbee is supported by the Zigbee Alliance and provides the higher levels required for low powered radio system for control applications including lighting, heating and many other applications. The IEEE 802.15.4 standard and Zigbee wireless network technology are ideal for the implementation of a wide range of low cost, low power and reliable control and monitoring applications within the private sphere and industrial environment. There are wide number of applications of Zigbee technology that simply works, such as security HVAC, AMR, lighting control and access control in building automation. Patient monitoring and fitness monitoring in personal healthcare. For Industrial control the technology can be used for asset management process control, environmental and energy management as well. For residential/ light and commercial control purpose the system can also be used. There are also compatible with the PC & its peripherals like mouse, keyboard and joystick. And there major applications are expected to be in the consumer electronics for TV, VCR, DVD/CD and remote. The advantages because of which the Zigbee on chip are getting accepted rapidly all over the market is due some its properties like reliable and self-healing, supports large number of nodes, easy to deploy, very long battery life, secure, low cost and they can be used globally. The CC2430 family is true system on-chip CMOS solutions specifically tailored to deliver high performance and to satisfy the low cost, low power requirements of IEEE 802.15.4/ Zigbee-based wireless applications at 2.4 GHz ISM frequency band. The 2.4 GHz PHY of the IEEE 802.15.4 standard has huge potential because the globally available 2.4 GHz ISM band with the largest bandwidth promotes worldwide market and flexibility of application designs. These are the advantages that are boosting up the faster growth for the Zigbee System-on-Chip market.

Zigbee System-on-Chip Market – Trends and Opportunities

Some of the drivers for the Zigbee-system on Chip market are extremely low cost, ease of implementation, reliable data transfer, short range operation and very low power consumption. On the other side some of the factors that are hampering the zigbee-system on chip market that are short range, Low complexity, and low data speed. Its high maintenance cost, lack of total solution, and slow materialization.

The global Zigbee System-on-Chip market is segmented on the basis of Applications. By applications of building automation, consumer, electronics, PC & peripherals, residential/ light commercial control, industrial control, personal health care and other applications, the market has been segmented into consumer building, automation, and other applications. High demand of zigbee system-on-chip in electronics and computer peripherals is expected to contribute towards growth of the Zigbee System-on-Chip market.        

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Zigbee System-on-Chip Market – Segmentation

In the region wise study, the global Zigbee System-on-Chip market has been segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. Asia Pacific which comprises China, India, South Korea, Australia and other rising economies captured significant market share followed by North America and Europe in 2018. Asia Pacific showed the fastest growth rate during the forecast period due to the emerging economies. China represents huge potential for the Zigbee System-on-Chip with the low cost of raw materials and huge production facilities in the country. However, The U.S is expected to exhibit high market growth over the forecast period owing to its early technological advancement and high capital expenditure.

Zigbee System-on-Chip Market – Key Players

The global Zigbee System-on-Chip market is highly fragmented with number of companies operating in the segment. Leading players are currently focusing on providing cost competitive products and acquiring small companies to gain Zigbee System-on-Chip market share in the market. Some of the companies operating in Zigbee System-on-Chip market are Silicon Laboratories, Texas instruments, Central Electronics Limited (CEL), ON Semiconductor, and NXP among others.


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