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Zignaly Breaks New Ground in Social Investing with New Mobile App 

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



Zigdao Mobile App 

Mobile apps, boasting improved user experience, enhanced levels of convenience, better speed, numerous useful add-on features, and regular offers, have firmly anchored themselves as the go-to tool for digital interactions between users and brands. 

Supporting this observation, current research shows that users dedicate a whopping 90% of their mobile time exclusively to apps, leaving a scant 10% for browsing the broader internet. This trend is even more pronounced in the realm of online shopping, where mobile app enthusiasts spend a noteworthy 202 minutes each month immersed in their purchasing pursuits, compared to just 11 minutes when doing so through websites. 

Given this overwhelming dominance of mobile applications in user interactions, it’s no surprise that various solutions are investing in robust mobile app interfaces. A shining example of this shift is Zignaly, a social investment platform tailored for the new generation, where digital asset investors can effortlessly connect with the world’s top fund managers.

Vision Driving Zignaly’s App Launch

Zignaly’s internal research has shown that introducing a mobile app can amplify the platform’s conversion rates by as much as 60%. This is supported by the fact that 90% of Zignaly users primarily engage with the platform via mobile devices, validating the overwhelming need for an app. 

In light of these findings, Zignaly is gearing up to provide its users the flexibility to harness their full suite of services anytime and anywhere. The launch has emerged as a win-win proposition as both users & investors and the app developers will benefit from it. While for users and investors, the app translates into enhanced convenience, for Zignaly, it is a boosted volume of Assets Under Management. 

The Beta Launch and Further

The process will begin with the beta launch, which will have access to the platform’s profit-sharing marketplace, expert trader profiles, deposit and withdrawal capabilities, and the ability to add new services directly from the app. 

The beta release is preceded by several hundred power users extensively testing it for months, enabling Zignaly to collect and efficiently incorporate the feedback received from these users.

The Impact of the Zignaly App

Zignaly is a platform that has uniquely bridged the realms of digital assets and social investment. In doing so, it has ensured that social investment is recognized and valued, moving away from being a thankless job. Central to this is ZIG, the platform’s native coin, which stands out as a deflationary asset. 

Committing to its value, a portion of the protocol revenue is dedicated to buying back and burning ZIG coins. This strategy not only creates scarcity but also emphasizes reducing the supply to 50%. It’s a tangible way of ensuring ZIG coin holders are rewarded and share the protocol’s overarching success pushing the price up. 

Its holistic thinking has established it as a prime marketplace. Over 500,000 users connect with more than 150 veteran Portfolio Managers, collectively managing $125 Million+ for shared profit. This distinction hasn’t gone unnoticed. 

Recognized by Binance and in partnership with top players in the Digital Assets Space, Zignaly’s growth is evident, scaling from 20,000 to more than half a million users in just one year. As this trajectory continues, the launch of the Zignaly app is anticipated to bolster its leadership, introducing the platform to new users and fostering a more contented stakeholder base.

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