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10 Countries with the Highest Technology Boom and Why?




The technology has embraced the entire world and brought everyone together like never before. These days, people from different parts of the world are in touch with one another through the advancement in the technology. Below mentioned are a few countries which are blessed with this advancement and enjoying the benefits of it to the fullest:

  1. United States of America

Most of the giants are established in USA including Apple, AMD, Intel, Microsoft, Google and various others. All of these companies are headquartered in USA bringing its position to the top when it comes to highest technology boom. Moreover, it sent man to moon in 1969.

  1. India

India is the country from which the software for technology comes. This part of the world highest number of computer engineers and other IT professionals. We cannot ignore the establishment of two major companies including Infosys and Wipro. No doubt, it is said that all the sciences come from India.

  1. Japan

Japan is amongst the countries where technology is a vital part. This part of the globe is known for the invention of dimensional elevator and new laser gun. Till today, many other advanced level inventions have been reported from Japan.

  1. South Korea

South Korea is also known as one of the most advanced countries because of the making of cars, robots, plans, boats, computers, televisions, air conditioners, helicopters and various others. It is also rated as the country with fastest internet speed.

  1. Germany

Since World War 2, this country is best known for its military tanks and army. Besides that, the country has shown its technological capacity and immense growth through its Olympic stadium which is epic in history. It has integrated a high-class technical infrastructure.

  1. England

England is considered the best scientific paper producer all over the world. Various renowned scientists are from this highly tech country. The invention of World Wide Web had occurred in England making it the top country in technology world.

  1. Finland

Finland is considered the advanced country in terms of politics, health, education, standard of living and economy. All of these developments have occurred due to the highly advanced technology projects in this country over past years.

  1. China

This country has developed a lot of high-tech devices for many years. Some of them have been into the industry for a while but this country is always into the development of more advanced tools and devices of their existing versions making it technologically advanced.

  1. Sweden

The budget of this country may be limited but they make the most of every dime they have. In this country, the existence of optical fibre, best cellphone coverage and internet speed can easily be seen.

  1. France

This country leads in various sectors when it comes to technology advancement such as Nuclear energy infrastructure. This country will have the biggest incubators in 2016.

Above mentioned countries have experienced the advancements since many decades making them amongst the top- ten list.

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