3,000 one-to-one meetings in 30 hours

2017-02-28 0

Brella networking tool breaks records in hosted one-to-one meetings at the InsureTech Connect event Las Vegas in October 2016. During the two day event the attendees booked a staggering total of 2,849 hosted 1-to-1 meetings. Read More

The Lean Startup Summit in London

2016-05-12 0

The Lean Startup Summit will bring corporate innovators and entrepreneurs together who are seeking methods of working that sustain constant innovation and sustainable development methodology of the Lean Startup. If you are an innovator that Read More

Malware and How Your Computer Guards Itself

2016-05-08 0

“Antivirus software” is a program created to eliminate viruses and avoid them from spreading. “Malware” –a different kind of malicious software, emerged as a risk to computer in the world. This is an umbrella word Read More

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