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3,000 one-to-one meetings in 30 hours




Brella networking tool breaks records in hosted one-to-one meetings at the InsureTech Connect event Las Vegas in October 2016. During the two day event the attendees booked a staggering total of 2,849 hosted 1-to-1 meetings. Approximately 1,200 event guests were invited for networking from which 950 signed up to use the platform already before the event.

The InsureTech Connect 2016 event has hosted October 5-6 a the Las Vegas Convention Centre by Oliver Wyman which is a leading global management consulting firm. This inaugural event engaged more than 1,500 entrepreneurs, investors and insurance executives in solving cutting-edge problems facing the sector today.

When industry conferences battle for high-level professionals to sign up for events, the need to be able to build attendee concrete value is constantly on the rise. Event experience is everything when memorable experiences need to be created and for the valued professionals to spread the word and come back again the following year.

InsureTech Connect is among one of the trailblazer type event organisers that have realised the value of concrete value creating technologies that deliver genuine value to their respected attendees. One of the key drivers for any conference attendee is almost always to somehow be able to create valuable connections that will hopefully drive their business further. The difficulty of making this happen is that even though goals for events are set, achieving these goals is extremely hard as stumbling into the right people in events is sadly based too much on pure luck. The mission was to find a solution to this problem, how to connect people better and make their time more efficient when trying to navigate through the event and make the best of their invested time.

Matchmaking software and Brella provided an excellent way to provide event attendees with a simple tool to easily discover relevant professionals to their individual needs and then book 1-to-1 meetings with them. Brella was chosen for its easy to use platform that focuses on matchmaking and booking meetings with the right professionals. It had an intuitive set-up that, nevertheless, also had enough complexity behind it from an admin perspective. It provided a perfect solution to keep the initiative simple for the user and to measure these results on the backend.

Event Results

  • Event Length : 2 days
  • Invited Users : 1,200
  • Users signed up to Brella : 974
  • Booked Meetings : 2,849
  • User Engagement/Adoption rate: 81%
  • Av. meetings per user: 2.92

Jay Waintraub,  InsureTech Connect


Chris Augeri, CEO, DriveSpotter

‘’Sending two people to Las Vegas for InsureTech Connect costs approximately $3500 including airfare, hotel, and other expenses. While random meetings are great, Brella turned that into cash into $350,000 of ROI via close-in meetings with potential clients and distributors. Every conference should use this great app!’’

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