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10 ways to Get Free contributors for Your Blog




So you have started blogging? Is it a long time that you are blogging but still unable to generate enough revenue from it? It may be due to the reason that you are short of bloggers that may be able to help you in running your blogs successfully but without charging anything in lieu of it. It may sound to be strange but it is true to some extent. The reason being there are many people around that are ready to offer free-of-cost services, as far as blogging is concerned. It implies you may also get free contributors for your blog. Here are some of the top ways to accomplish this task well.

  1. Social media websites– Of course, all people are using social media websites such as Facebook Forums, Twitter etc. It is especially true for professionals such as bloggers or content writers. You may also use this mode to get free contributors for your blog.
  2. Create write for us page- You may create a ‘write for us’ page on your blogging website. Use it to invite free content writers for your blog. People reading your blogs will be lured to visit this page definitely.
  3. Look for Guest content writers- It is yet another good way to find free contributors for your blog. Guest content writers write occasionally on specific topics just to enhance their own knowledge as well as of others.
  4. Ask your friends or other acquaintances– You may look for free bloggers in your social circle such as friends, relatives, colleagues etc. They may help you by writing free-of-cost for you.
  5. Check your mailing list- You may even check your mailing list or contacts in your e-mailing list to see if anyone could accomplish the task of blogging and that too without expecting anything from you.
  6. Check through various forums- There are various forums over the internet that are especially devoted to specific community of professionals. Such forums may be checked to see if there are free content writers.
  7. Check niche blogs- There are many smaller niche blogs in various fields who are writing but don’t have adequate traffic of readers or audiences for their blogs. Such writers may be contacted and asked for free services so that they may get recognized through your blogging website.
  8. Check and select the people commenting on your blogs- People who read and comment on your blogs are definitely passionate and serious about the topics selected by you. Even they may have good hold over the subject matter. You may check and select some of the regularly commenting people so that they may be asked for free contribution towards your blog.
  9. Advertise through various modes- You may use various modes such as newspaper, internet or other commonly used apps to advertise about requirement for free contributors for your blog.
  10. Request your readers or audience- Since readers or audiences of your blogs are familiar with the topics or niche selected by you therefore they may be requested to write blogs for your website. They may be ready to offer you free-of-cost blogging services.

These are some of the ways to get free contributors for your blog.

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