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2016’s Laptops – Best of Design




There is always a new gadget in the market boasting of some new angle in the laptops industry. The developments are so fast, making it quite difficult to sieve through the products in an objective and timely manner. Well, despair no more for here we have the best gadgets out of the works. The year 2016 has no doubt been marked by more than a few new stuff that are not only incredible but also made for convenience. This range from gadgets that are made to make business easier, to the lightest ultraportable that could be lighter than the human hand holding it and finally ones that are built to do nothing but make the gaming experience amazing.

The typical laptop design has in its own right gone through evolution. It is no longer the primitive set up but has moved to the next stage of evolution where its survival entirely depends in its versatility. Most of the 2016 models are nothing but multipurpose, doubling up as tablets. Technically speaking, the devices are designed to make use of touch interfaces. This is enabled by hardware that can bend and fold, allowing the owner to choose the type of fun. In short, the new laptops give the best of both worlds.

Hybrid Laptops
Imagine a convertible car. That is a hybrid laptop for you. It can be used when in the mode of a traditional laptop gadget with the keyboard or you can utilize the new hinge technology that allows the keyboard to be flipped leaving only the touchscreen, positively converting it into a tablet. The folding design incorporated into these devices allows the user to choose the most suitable way to use the device to complete a task.
Then there are the detachable hybrids in which the keyboard acts as an accessory on the 14 inch screen which has resolution capability of up to 1366. It allows the docking of a keyboard on a tablet converting it to a laptop. Some of the docking keyboards even have their own lives, since they have a built in battery. It does not stop at that. In realization that docking keyboard could be an inconvenience, devices with Bluetooth keyboards have been created.

They are made to be more portable and easy to carry around. The basic rule is therefore, transformation of the traditional laptop design to a sleeker one. Lighter even. Needless to say, these devices are dramatically thin compared to their ancestors. The challenge is to create a laptop that can compete with tabs therefore; the latest hardware is used in assembly. Such a gadget could have an SSD of 256 GB and an eMMC of 64GB flash storage.

Gaming and media machines
The designs of these gaming machines say nothing less of ultimate gaming experience. This is attributable to the high end processors that are quad-core like the i7, large displays with high resolution and a graphics card that is potent and discrete like GPUs from AMD and Nvidia. The screen resolutions are 1080p with hard drives that can store 1TB local storage. The Acer Chromebook 15 is one of the 2016 gaming gurus.

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