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5 Common Mistakes to avoid while hiring PHP outsourcing company




Selecting the right PHP development company as an outsourcing partner is vital for the success of most small businesses and tech startups. This will not only reduce the costs but will also decrease the workload on your team members. 

Though there are many advantages of outsourcing to PHP developers in India, there are enough possibilities for mistakes to happen. And these blunders can result in increased time and cost whereas sometimes it can even result in a total project failure. 

Hence, you must be aware of the possible setbacks and pitfalls along the road while hiring PHP development services. So, I have come up with a list of the top five mistakes that businesses must avoid.

Five common mistakes that businesses should avoid while hiring PHP developers in India 

Mistake #1: Not doing enough research

The most common mistake businesses could make is not undertaking enough research while hiring a software outsourcing partner. The tech startups make their decisions solely based on the cost factor. Though it plays an important role in the decision-making process, it is not the only one. 

You should also consider the PHP vendor’s portfolio, expertise, reviews, feedback, work approach, work culture, and more. You would need to do enough research on a PHP development agency until you know whether they are the right fit for your company or not. 

You also need to have a look at all of their previous work and see whether they have worked on any similar project like yours. If you are hiring a team of dedicated PHP developers then you should personally review their resumes and ask the following question to know everything about them: 

  1. Are you familiar with the industry and user base?
  2. Are there new trends adopted in your portfolio?
  3. How will you communicate with the team?
  4. Who is the PM/other responsible people to get in touch with?
  5. Who/what team will be working on the project
  6. Will the developers be working only on your project or several projects?

Ideally, you should research before you meet the potential outsourcing partner for the first time. And the rest will become clear through communicating with them. Only after thorough research and analysis, only you can tell whether the team of developers are suitable to work on your project or not. 

I know that research can take a lot of time but think of its as a preparation for your project or better yet an investment of time in your project. If you need to achieve better results for your project then you should spend some time choosing the right person for the job. 

On average, a growing business spends around three to four months on research for choosing the right PHP vendor. But if you are thinking about scaling up your PHP team and IT infrastructure then you should take your own time for proper research. 

Mistake #2: Uncertainties in Project requirements and Miscommunication

Most of the time when the business owners are thinking about outsourcing their PHP development project, they are not clear about their needs. Having clarity about business needs and project requirements is crucial to the success of the project. If you don’t know what you want, how can your work become successful? 

You would have a vague idea about your project but you need to set clear project requirements in front of your PHP outsourcing partner. Requirements help you evaluate whether your PHP development project is headed in the right direction or not. To gain more clarity on the project requirements, you can ask yourself a few questions: 

  1. What is the goal of the project?
  2. Do you have a defined workflow in place?
  3. Is your product going to be available across platforms?
  4. Do you have the required content?

Also, before your team starts working on the project, you two must discuss the project milestones and approval systems. Your outsourcing partner must understand what exactly do you need to achieve before they find a way to execute your idea. 

Mistake #3: Choosing a PHP outsourcing partner that is not in sync with the latest trends and modern technologies

An IT company that does not get along with the latest technological trends is practically dead. If they don’t evolve with advanced technology, the only thing they will be doing is causing trouble for you. Would you sign up for that?

It may even look like they have better code than other companies, they may be known as experts in their local area but if they don’t adapt often, they will just catch rust and their outdated skills won’t be fruitful anymore. 

Adopting the latest trends and technologies doesn’t only mean staying ahead in the market but it also means that you want to give the best service or product to your customer. The latest technologies can solve your customer’s issues while offering them an enhanced user experience. 

It is also recommended that you look beyond the technicalities to meet the expectations on issues like legal risks, broadband capacity, work ethics, and cultural differences. 

Mistake #4: Lacking the basic technical understanding of the PHP development industry

It doesn’t mean that if you are hiring someone with technical expertise for your PHP project, you don’t need to know about the technology. How would you know your product or better yet, if it is successful or not if you don’t know anything about the technology it’s been made from? 

You need to check out the development process for whether it is headed in the right direction or not. How would you be able to make that decision if you don’t even have a basic know-how of the process? 

Even if you don’t want to bother yourself with the technical details of the project then you need to hire a consultant or a PHP expert that could offer PHP consultancy to your outsourcing partner. Of course, it will be at your discretion. If you do that, it also releases the pressure of constant upgrades and maintenance for the PHP product from your shoulders. 

Mistake #5: Underestimating Quality Assurance (QA) or Testing

If you want to guarantee that your final product is exactly the way you want it to be then you have to conduct QA and other tests to check the functionalities of the product at the end of every phase of development. 

Quality analysts should be involved in the project from the initial stage. So, that they can stage some tests for the product to find the bugs. It doesn’t matter what product you are building, testing it is the secret ingredient to the product’s success. But you need to test it thoroughly. Ideally, the software development company itself provides the services for quality analysis and testing the products while they are still undergoing the development process. 

Final words!

We have discussed the top mistakes that businesses make while hiring PHP developers in India. But if you start avoiding these mistakes, I’m sure you will find just the right PHp outsourcing partner for your project. So, if you want your products to be successful, avoid these mistakes at any cost. 


If you have any more mistakes to warn about then you can share them with us in the comments section below. 

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