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5 New Technologies That Will Have a Profound Effect on PCs in The Future




Desktops and laptops will be quite interactive once you acquire the 3D depth-sensing cameras and wire-free. In a tech era of glossy gadgets, the future is set to make PCs quite interactive and fun with some of the new technologies in this article.

Apple’s iPad revolutionized the way people perceive computers and stirred PC innovation. Hardware designers acquired more ideas from mobile devices, 3D printers and gaming consoles to rethink the PC. So, the resulting innovation will have a massive effect on how desktops and laptops are used.

Chip maker Intel have come up with the most interesting idea, “wire-free” PC, where wireless technology will replace charging, display and data transfer cables. This experimental laptop has no ports and relies on wireless technology to connect to external storage and devices.

Quite interesting is that interactive computer will have 3D cameras that act like eyes and with the ability to recognize objects and measure distances. The sensory input through voice, sound and touch will enable PCs to respond to and expect our commands.

Though every year, PCs get thinner, faster, longer battery life and lighter, the new technology, however, will come with a price.

The following are the five ways the new technologies could have a massive change in computing era:

Wireless Charging
Intel sees this as a reality come next few years. You put a laptop on a table, and it will instantly start charging. There are no wires needed, no need to carry a power brick. Intel wants to make laptops with wireless chargers as easy to find a Wi-Fi signal and bring the technology as near as in cafes, airports and restaurants. This is technology is being rolled out and actually Intel has shown a few prototypes laptop being recharged on a table.

Beam the image
The technology has so much advanced that it could be feasible to fix laptops wirelessly to displays which could render the expensive Display Port display cables or HDMI useless. A wireless display enabled technology will start working as soon as a laptop is within range. Intel anticipates a laptop that could connect to multiple wireless monitors, which could be quite useful in meetings or classroom setup. This laptop will be able to stream to monitors on multiple desks.

Wireless displays might be famous for the growing use of WiGig, a much faster version of Wi-Fi that can handle wireless 4K video streams without any lag. Intel intents to bring WiGig to smartphones so that the users will be able to stream Netflix through the smartphone to a wireless TV. Display makers envision building WiGig technology into monitors and TVs in a couple of years.

Creative desktops
The desktop has become a center of creativity and imagination because of technologies like 3D printing spinning and depth-sensing cameras off a variety of innovations. A good example is the HP’s Sprout, which resembles a normal all-in-one PC, but has the latest imaging and collaboration technology. Dell has developed a “smart desk,” with an all-in-one PC beaming virtual keyboard onto a desk on which users can type on.

Interactive Computers
Computers will become more interactive with a combination of voice, gesture and visual recognition technologies installed in PCs. The old 2D cameras in PCs will be replaced by Intel’s RealSense 3D cameras, which can recognize objects and even measure distances between items. While those won’t happen soon, the 3D camera will make Skype chats more fun.

Biometric sensors
In coming years, your body could log you into an email account. Intel is intending to provide software so that users can log in to websites through biometric authentication. Biometric authentication is reliable and secure and users won’t have to remember many passwords for various websites. The fingerprint reader will become useful in the coming years.
It won’t get any easier to buy laptops, hybrids or tablets, with so many options available and more innovative designs set to become available. Computers will offer longer battery life with the modern Skylake and Broadwell processors from Intel and Carrizo chips from Advanced Micro Devices.

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