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5G Technology: Edge Devices and More

Hillary Cyril




Edge Technologies, Incorporated is an American information technology company, specializing in the integration of internet security software. It offers enterprise solutions and software products to government and corporate agencies. Edge was founded in 1993 by Mark Crispin as a division of Computing Research Corporation. The company is based in Arlington, Virginia, and currently serves clients worldwide.

What Edge does best is leveraging multiple technologies to deliver tailored, cost-effective, and secure information services. One of these technologies is Real-Time Transparency for the Web (RTNET). Real-Time Transparency for the Web allows organizations to make the most of their existing infrastructure without investing in costly, state-of-the-art computing equipment. By taking advantage of existing networks and servers, users can eliminate the need for costly infrastructure investments and have the capacity to increase revenues with real-time visibility. This visibility includes being able to monitor and control applications across the enterprise, such as servers, desktop computers, printers, network adapters, storage arrays, etc. These capabilities give organizations flexibility and increased functionality, leading to improved productivity, revenues, and ultimately success.

Another edge technology that helps in enabling organizations to manage information more effectively is Latency Aggregator. Latency Aggregator increases Latency which enables fast communication over a wide area. Latencies play a crucial role in Edge Technologies and help organizations to manage applications, workflows, and networks with increased confidence and competence. The company has introduced a series of new products and solutions, which are tailored to meet the increasing needs of enterprise customers. Some of these solutions are based on industry standards such as WAN Optimization and Streaming. These solutions are designed to increase the ability of users to access and process data at higher speeds and lower latencies.


Organizations need to take action now if they want to take advantage of the latest trends in technology and business. To do so, they must invest in new edge technologies. These solutions will ensure that businesses can handle digital transformation better. They will also help them make the most of their online opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.

One of the best-known names in enterprise networking and IP solutions is ABB, the world’s leading provider of managed IP solutions. ABB has developed an extensive portfolio of edge technologies that can help companies to accelerate business processes and provide greater levels of service and enhanced productivity. In fact, the company boasts over 25 years of experience in developing and innovating solutions for enterprise clients.

If you need to find out more about the latest edge computing solutions available in the market, then visit ABB’s website. You can also sign up for its free newsletter, where you will be provided with the latest news and updates on the latest innovations and offerings from the company. Moreover, subscribe to the ABB Advantage Subscription feed so you will be informed every time there is a new release from the company. It’s time to get the most from your internet connection! Start getting the most out of it with these 5G technology solutions.

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