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6 Website Design Trends For A Successful Company

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



Judges who evaluate your Technology Website select best-developed sites with the following seven criteria by eye: user-friendliness, relevance, uniqueness, search engine optimization (SEO), and site functionality. Most importantly, the judges select the sites that demonstrate the business’s value proposition and offer the most comprehensive range of products and services. Also, the sites must meet the organization’s marketing objectives. In addition, the judges should choose a site that uses creative content that will attract visitors and will provide information to customers in an easy-to-navigate, informative, and entertaining manner.

Study and analyze current technology websites. Observe what is popular, what is not, and what kind of comments other owners of websites have to say. Pay attention also to other critical features that might increase productivity or promote learning. This includes:

Study user types and behavior. The study which user types frequently and which ones are more likely to be targeted by advertisements. For example, are social networking, search engine, and mobile search user types more targeted? As well as, do users prefer to use color schemes, graphics, or layout? When studying technology websites, study how users navigate, what search terms they use most often, and what kind of advertising they click on most frequently.

Make your Technology Website engaging and visual. In today’s online world, your visitors need to be able to visually “experience” your website. Design and create a website that will engage your visitors and will let them know what kind of information you have to share with them. Start by designing a simple page with few graphics, but add captions, video, and custom graphics that will tell a story visually about your technology product or service.

Build traffic. If you want to build traffic, you need to design examples that will encourage visitors to visit your site. Look at websites that are similar to the products or services you offer and compare their visitor response. Also, visit site websites that target your target market and try to imitate them. Look for elements that are similar in design to your product or service. For example, if your technology company makes software for medical billing, visit medical billing site websites to see what kind of graphics and words they use and to learn what kind of headlines they use most often.

Technology is an ever-changing field, and there are many website design trends to keep up with. Keep an eye on technology product and technology company news to stay on top of what’s new and important. Use social media to spread the news about your website. Develop user experience strategies that will enhance your visitors’ experience of your products and services. Make your website user-friendly so that visitors will want to return and share your information with others.

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