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A Look at Agriculture Technology

Hillary Cyril




Agricultural technology is the application of science and technology in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, and aquaculture for the purpose of enhancing productivity, efficiency, yield, and profitability. Agricultural technology is diverse; it may be products, goods, or services derived out of agribusiness which enhance various output/expenditure processes in the agricultural sector. Agriculture is one of the most important sectors in terms of human resources and development. It not only contributes to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) but also ensures the social and economic well-being of a nation. Agriculture produces food, fuels, timber, fiber, fuel, and chemicals which are in high demand for various uses.

Agriculture has been able to achieve a major role in meeting the food demands of consumers. Advances in agricultural technology have led to the revolutionization of the farming system and associated activities. There has been an expansion in the area of research in agricultural engineering, management, and production.

There has been tremendous scope for innovation in agricultural engineering because of the need to transform agricultural land and related resources into productive assets in a shorter period of time. The development and adoption of improved and new techniques and tools for agricultural engineering have made this sector highly efficient. There has been tremendous growth in the number of croppers in the last few years. Crops are the main source of income in rural areas and help in the economic development of the nation.


Agriculture is a science that needs a large amount of investment in terms of money, effort, energy, and time. Agriculture is a productive sector in terms of revenue generation and the production of food. Agriculture is also one of the few sectors which have seen consistent growth over the past several years. Improved technology in the fields of cropping, fertilization, nursery, horticultural production, etc has resulted in a tremendous improvement in the profitability of the industry.

A major part of agricultural technology involves improvements in agricultural production and management. One such technological advancement is the mechanical plow. The plow has been an integral part of agriculture since the beginning of recorded history. The modern plow is made up of a combination of tread bars, pinion, and ring gears and is designed for precision and speed. The modern plow is designed for heavy-duty use, and its treads provide additional traction and increase the life of the equipment.

Another important piece of agricultural technology is predictive or integrated pest management. This is a system that integrates real-time information about the performance of different species against known pest needs. This helps in controlling insect damage, which leads to the prevention of damage to crops. Many pest diseases are highly resistant to conventional treatment methods, but they can be controlled using this method. This helps reduce costs and ensures a higher level of productivity during peak seasons.

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