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Clean Energy Technologies – Types of Energy Technology

Hillary Cyril




Energy technology is a growing field that is constantly changing and advancing. The world’s energy resources are depleting at an alarming rate, requiring a whole variety of new and innovative solutions for the development of energy infrastructure. Energy technology students will study several different topics related to the field in order to be prepared for career advancement. As energy technology progresses, new techniques, equipment, products, and systems are continually being developed, tested, and innovated for improved energy delivery efficiency, reliability, security, and environmental performance. In order to understand how energy technology advances, students will need to participate in a graduate program that includes courses in electrical and optical physics, thermodynamics, and kinetics, as well as computer science, mathematics, and electrical engineering.

Because of our rapidly depleting energy resources, energy technology is one of the most important and critical fields of study today. Although it is very broad in nature, energy technology focuses on particular ways to exploit energy from various resources. One of the most important ways of harnessing energy resources is by using nuclear energy. While nuclear energy has been heavily stigmatized due to its horrific history, today nuclear energy is highly used for both commercial and residential purposes. In this context, students will gain valuable exposure in several specialized topics including electrical engineering, nuclear physics, thermodynamics, energy transfer, and power electronics.

In terms of specific energy technologies, a wide variety of options are available, including wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, wave, and hydroelectricity. Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power represent a major potential source of alternative electricity. Because these alternative sources of energy are becoming more widely used, they are now becoming a part of the main energy infrastructure, with a variety of clean energy technologies being implemented around the world.


Another type of clean energy technology is bioenergy, which is produced from renewable bio-based resources like wind, water, and sunlight. These biofuels can potentially play a large part in reducing carbon emissions and thus climate change. Some bioenergy technologies are currently being deployed around the world, including solar fuels and bio alcohol production. Bio-alcohol production is related to the process in which ethanol is made from plants using food waste as a source of nitrogen, which is then converted into another chemical, butanol. As of yet, solar technologies are the only way in which bioenergy can be effectively utilized to produce a wide range of electric currents.

The third type of clean energy technology is through the use of solar PV technology. Solar PV is a form of renewable energy technology that converts solar radiation into electrical energy, which can then be used in homes. Using a photovoltaic panel, panels are able to capture the sun’s rays and convert them directly into electric energy. While solar PV technology has been available for decades, recent advances in the technology’s manufacturing have led to much more efficient construction and output.

While many clean energy technologies can potentially play a large role in mitigating climate change and global warming, there is still a great deal of development work to be done on other clean energy technologies. However, research into new clean energy technologies is showing promising signs for the future. Many governments and organizations around the world are also investing considerable amounts of money into the research and development of clean energy technologies, such as solar PV and wind energy. The potential for these technologies to play a large role in addressing the issue of climate change is certainly a real one. In fact, experts believe it could be game-changing. If you are interested in learning more about clean energy technologies, your best bet is probably to look online.

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