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A Look at Modern Computer Components

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




A computer is an apparatus that is able to execute certain sets of mathematical or logical instructions automatically. Modern computers are able to do very broad ranges of activities such as scheduling and coordinating work to remote data sources. These computers are used in many everyday activities like communication, storage, and retrieval of information from various sources, and in performing many calculation and analysis tasks.

A computer works with either memory, hard drive, or a digital circuit to store and retrieve data. Data processing involves the use of central processing units (CPU), microprocessors, central processing unit (CPU) chips, and specialized application software that is embedded in a personal computer. Modern desktop computers are equipped with a variety of input and output (I/O ) devices including a keyboard, a mouse, a monitor, a printer, a CD-ROM drive, a CD-RW drive, an audio device, a video device, and a wireless network. A typical personal computer has the following hardware components:

Computers have enabled people to make significantly faster and more efficient use of their time through increased productivity, reduced errors, increased speed of execution, and increased accuracy. Computer manufacturers are consistently devising new computer architectures, components, input devices, and software that will be compatible with future use. As a result, there is greater scope for incorporating new technology into personal computers in the future. As the demands of business and personal users change, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain consistency in the design and components of a modern computer.

USB port

Advancement in chip and silicon technology has resulted in significant improvements in computer architecture. Computer hardware has also advanced by leaps and bounds due to improvements in microchip and silicon fabrication processes. Computer hardware is generally categorized into analog and digital computers. A number of different technologies are available to the end-user based on their input devices and input/output devices.

Most computers include a keyboard, a mouse, a monitor, a keyboard pad, and a mouse. Laptops, desktop computers, and tablet computers all include one or more input devices. Desktop computers include the following elements: the monitor, the keyboard, the graphics card, the hard disk, the pen drive, the optical drive, the LAN card, and the USB. Tablets include the following elements: the internal hard disk, the RAM chip, the CPU, the optical drive, the USB, and the wireless module. Many modern tablets include a touch screen that is used to input information into the tablet computer. Some tablet computers include a camera and other various features.

The main component of the modern computer is its processing unit or CPU. The processing units in modern computers include single-core, dual-core, quad-core, high-performance computers, supercomputers, and systems. Modern processors use one or more processing units to execute computer programs. As a result, there are multiple threads of execution in a computer program that execute independent tasks in parallel.

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