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A Visit to Malware Museum Will Fascinate You




Malware is known for wreaking havoc all over the world to PC owners. Current forms of malware are designed to perform malicious acts such robing your credit card information and even knocking out nuclear power stations. Usually these insidious attacks are carried out stealthily and behind the scenes, catching the PC owner unawares. Modern virus makers often target to destroy every computer that their programs infiltrate.

Back in the early internet days of the 80’s and the 90’s, a virus would wipe away your files while playing irritating sounds and showing silly or funny animations. A well-known example is the Q Walker virus that causes a character from the Commodore 64 game ‘Bop ‘n Rumble’ to annoyingly run across your screen. Others would announce their victory over their victims with scornful animations.

We cannot miss to mention that in the past, there existed some pretty dangerous malware that many people dreaded. A classic example is the Casino virus. This virus would traumatise computer users by erasing their ‘file allocation table’ on the disk after entering the computer. This would consequently make crucial information impossible to access. The Casino virus used to be a real nightmare to many corporations back in those days especially because during those days people were not in the habit of keeping and maintaining back-up data.

Nearly all of these archaic viruses are extinct today. The first generation of happy hackers that wrote viruses for fun no longer exist. This is because the security lacunas that they used to exploit have now been sealed.
Courtesy of cybersecurity guru Mikko Hyppönen in conjunction with computer historian Jason Scott, people can now click onto their website and see a collection of 78 viruses from the MS-DOS era in action without fearing their computers getting destroyed.

Visitors to this interesting and entertaining website need to worry not about these old school viruses attacking their computers since they have been defanged. You can even download these malware into your hard drive and run without causing any harm to your browser. These vintage viruses contain colourful animations and bleeping music that will inspire your imagination of just how PC owners used to get terrorised.

This online library of vintage malware has fascinated a lot of people to flock in and check out the site in the tens of thousands. Visitors narrate their experiences with a lot of nostalgia.

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