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Advancements in Surgical Technology

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer



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The term Surgical Technology covers a broad range of technologies that are used in today’s surgery, with an emphasis on the types of operations which are performed and the techniques by which they are performed. For many surgeons, the formation of surgical technology is a highly educative and rewarding process; not only because the research behind surgical methods advances very rapidly but also because the improvements which are made translate directly into improved patient care. Surgical technology is continually evolving and improving in all areas, including:

Stem cells are one of the most important advances in surgical technologies in recent years. They are found to have an excellent regenerative effect when injected into the injured site; this enables new tissue growth which is the direct result of the surgery. In addition, stem cells from other parts of the body can be introduced into the injured site to help repair and regenerate damaged tissue. They have also shown great potential for use in tissue expansion. As tissue expansion is a key strategy for performing abdominoplasty and facelifts, surgeons are now finding themselves faced with the daunting task of harvesting enough cells for successful expansion.

Another advance in Surgical Technology is the development of micro-sutures, which are similar to the staples used in regular sutures but require far less manipulation during the actual surgery. These sutures are very thin, easily placed under the skin (thus eliminating the use of larger sutures) and they do not have the strong adhesion of their traditional counterparts. Because micro-sutures have such strong adhesive power, they can be used to expand large amounts of fat without any significant loss of skin sensation or pain. This means that patients can undergo abdominoplasty surgeries that involve the expansion of large amounts of fat without suffering from any major discomfort.


Ultrasonic and laser technology have also made considerable advances in recent years. These types of technology can both expand and cut tissue, allowing surgeons to perform surgeries using far less tissue and fewer incisions than would once be possible. For instance, instead of making incisions into the skin, ultrasonic waves are used to target problematic areas of excess fat. In addition, laser technology is increasingly used to help surgeons remove excess skin, as well.

Finally, a new advancement in suturing technology involves the use of fibrous substances that can form and expand over a period of days and weeks, creating a very sturdy, reliable, and durable suture. Unlike older methods, this type of suture requires very little manipulation, and once it has firmly set, the patient can go back to work immediately. This type of suture can even be pre-made and then used in place of more traditional sutures, allowing surgeons to expand or contract certain body parts at will.

All of these advancements in Surgery Technology mean that surgical procedures can now be performed far more efficiently and with less pain and risk. If you are interested in undergoing surgery, it’s important that you find a surgeon who utilizes these newer techniques. They may cost you some extra money, but the results will definitely be worth it! After all, you want to make sure that you are completely healthy before you undergo surgery.

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