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Android Beta Test Permit Instagram Multi Account Switching




We sometimes get frustrated when we processes multiple Instagram accounts on a single device because we always have to face the hassle of login and log out also switching from one account to other is quite hectic. Login to one, and then log out and log in to the other all the time makes you feel agitated. The facility to login to multiple accounts and switch around is currently in Beta, so you will either have to download the APK file or sign up for the Instagram Beat Program.

This feature is still going through a cloud-based roll out.  According to Android Police reports, some users of Instagram’s android app have already begun seeing the feature in their accounts. The app can be available to only android platform not for iOS platform.

This feature could be found at the bottom of the setting screen, below the alternative to clear search history and above “Log Out. After that, user can select “Add Account” feature of the app, then he will be able to rapidly switch between accounts (without logging out and then log in). Now the users are able to enter in another set of Instagram credentials or set up a new account using either username or password combination, or by verifying it with the Facebook. After the account has been added, the user can then switch between new selectors that are visible at the top of the screen on user profile. The Instagram’s App also shows when the user has switched accounts by way of Green pop up banner notification.

The rise of these subordinate accounts came about because many youths felt their main Instagram weren’t suggesting an authentic image of their real lives. As in the case on a lot of social media services, users tend to present the best of themselves in their posts. Teen’s real Instagram, are called as “rinstagrams” or “rinstas” are filled with esthetics pleasing photos, those that make them popular and successful, and are also safe to show to parents. The Instagram will finalize testing of the account switch and then roll it out to the larger Instagram user base. The company may also examine  different means of offering this option before releasing it to the public.

 It could be interesting to see the data on how widespread the practice of having multiple accounts is, specifically when considering the platform’s overall growth. While all the platforms have a level of fake creating dummy profiles that could cause an impact on the platform’s perceived expansion and use, which would be worth nothing for marketers and the like.

 Instagram has not made any official announcements regarding the official release of this feature. This feature is still in beta testing phase, so the App may or may not process effectively. User can give a try at its own risk.

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