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Apple’s “New” Watch Series to debut After Christmas

Hillary Cyril




Tech News Today is a daily tech news show on PRI which is aired on local radio stations throughout the country and on public access television channels throughout Puerto Rico and the United States. Hosted by Kai Miller, this popular show offers up-to-date commentary on current topics impacting the technology industry. Tech News Today features information on new products, news from industry events, reviews of technology products and software, and much more. The goal of the show is to provide consumers and professionals with insightful analysis on current trends and ideas. listeners are encouraged to subscribe via RSS or listen online.

The first episode of the new season featured an interesting segment featuring Apple CEO and Founder, Tim Cook. Cook spoke at length about his desire to increase the company’s manufacturing capacity, which he did through a meeting with manufacturing industry representatives. During the conversation, Cook disclosed that he was particularly excited about the idea of creating stores that would sell directly to consumers, rather than through a retailer such as Wal-Mart. Cook further explained that one of the reasons he was so excited about the idea was that it would create jobs for more than one hundred thousand new tech workers. The segment was hosted by Kara Burke who included some comments from Steve Jobs regarding Cook’s desire for higher grossing stores.

The second episode of the new season was hosted by an onstage personality and Harvard professor, Edward Klein. In the opening segment, Klein posed a series of questions to Cook, who answered with confidence. As he did, he referred to Apple’s acquisition of the mapping software application, Maps, as well as its purchase of Beats. Both acquisitions are meant to bolster the company’s navigation capabilities. In the third and final installment of the season, Klein discussed Cook’s desire to take the company to the next level.


During the show’s second episode, which aired December 16th, Cook was joined by fellow Apple board member, Jefferies, in discussing their vision for the future. According to the hosts of Tech News Today, Cook provided a number of interesting statistics regarding the company’s growth over the past few years. For example, during the third quarter of the fiscal year 2021, Apple experienced an increase in its gross profit and sales. Furthermore, Cook disclosed that the company will continue to work on its product lineup, regardless of the current state of the economy. In response to the comments made by Cook and others at the November 18th press conference, Tom Phillips from USA Today questioned the wisdom behind investing in the “essentials” of the company.

Cook provided additional insight into the company’s competitive position, especially with regard to the growing mobile industry. At the time, he indicated that there are four categories of products that are currently the most popular on the marketplace. Among these, he indicated that there are only two that are not being re-priced: the iPad and the iPhone. Also discussed during the December 13th episode of Tech News Today was the new Mac mini, which is set to enter the lucrative personal computer market in the coming months.

In the latest episode of the show, Cook discussed several new features that will be arriving with the Apple Watch, such as the fitness tracking feature. He also confirmed that Apple Pay will launch alongside the product. The December 13th episode of the show featured an interview conducted by Kara Palmer from CNET. In the interview, Palmer discussed some of the possible benefits associated with the device, including the fact that the Apple Watch could provide an alternative means of payment to those who don’t want to carry cash.

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