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Are you a technology professional ? Here are a few must have tips




There is a clear interrelationship between productivity and technology. Global economic performance and competition are to a large extent driven by productivity and technology. Below, we discuss ten tips that can help you as a technology professional in ensuring that your business does not lose relevance, profitability and that it remains technologically advanced.

1. Have strong but easy to remember passwords
It is well known that a strong password must have at least eight characters. These characters should include a combination of numerals, letters of both lower and upper case and symbols. Avoid using obvious information as a password for example, your name or a full word. In order to have a strong but memorable password, use acronyms. You can develop a sentence and then pick the first letters, eg “I was born in 1980” taking the first letters, “Iwbi1980”.

2. You need to keep your passwords safe
To ensure that your passwords are safe, avoid writing them on a piece of paper that you keep in the wallet and walk around with. Services such as Dashlane and Lastpass will be of help in securing your passwords and logins.

3. You need to speed up your computer easily and quickly
To achieve this, you need to maintain your computer monthly by deleting unnecessary files, unloading unnecessary files such as cookies and check out to ensure that the RAM memory is enough to run all the programs.

4. Use as little mobile data as possible
It’s important to be on an unlimited data plan. If you can’t get on one, just ensure you remain within your data limit by switching over from your mobile network when in a WI-FI range, avoid too much streaming of videos, disabling push content and tracking data usage.

5. Maximise free windows utilities
There are enough free programs that perform the same tasks as paid versions. However, be careful not to get yourself into spam and numerous advertisements. Consider “4sysops” which has a list of more than 300 free windows utilities to perform various tasks without clogging up the website interface with ads.
6. Ensure you get the best deal before purchasing a tech device
It is possible to purchase upgraded devices from third party retailers like Wirefly or Amazon as opposed to buying straight from brand name companies. A thorough web search will help you get the best deal from sites like Newegg offering even user reviews.

7. Enable the Hotspot on your Phone in order to pay less for 4G
To avoid extra data charges, you can enable the hotspot on your smartphone and connecting your other devices via WI-FI. If your data plan does not include hotspot, you could use Fox.Fi which is a free software on Google play.
8. Do not accept extended warranties
Beware of retailers who want you to pay for another warranty even where the device has an automatic warranty from the manufacturer. Save money!

9. Read tech blogs and websites daily
This will help you keep abreast with the fast changing tech industry. You could check out CNET, Lifehacker, Engadget, and PC magazine among others.

10. Have a good office chair
A comfortable chair will help you avoid discomforts of spending a day seated in front of a computer; otherwise, you will have headaches and backaches. You could check out on blogs that will guide you on good office chairs such as Lifehacker which has a nice round-up of recent favorites.

If you are a technology professional, we will appreciate your contribution and comment in the comment box bellow. Please share this article if you find it useful.

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