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Best Health and Fitness technology you must have in 2017




The technology has affected all the sectors of the life and lifestyles including health and fitness. There are many gadgets, technology, apps, machines and fitness equipments released in the past year and many are launching in this year too. Observing the interest of the people the health and fitness market has involve technology to their products which is attracting more and more customers around the world.

One of the major shows related to technology happens in Las Vegas, USA in which technology around the world is gathered. This show is called the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) and this show also feature the products related to fitness and health which serve the fitness cautious consumers all over the world. You can also keep track of your Yoga and gym activity

Best Health and Fitness Technology:

The Fitbit Blaze:

The Fitbit Blaze is one the latest smart watch which keeps you updates with your fitness activities as well as record data related to your healthy as well. The smart watch uses the latest technology to keep the track of your health as well as alert you from your calls and messages. The data-sensing feature is introduced in this fitbit which allows you to track your heart rate and GPS monitoring as well. This smart watch is available in just $200, and a must have watch as compared to the other smart watches available in the market.

Under Armour HealthBox:

The Under Armour Healthbox is one of the best combinations of latest technology merge with the fitness and health sector. This box consists of three gadgets including the wearable tracker, the UA band which shows you all the details of your workout such as intensity of your work. Steps as well as duration of your workout session. One more exciting thing which is included to this box is the chest-strap heart rate monitor which collects all the information related to your heart rate, speed and beats per seconds etc. which makes data for your health and fitness including your heart. This data can be used for future use as well help you monitor your activities on the day to day basis. The smart scale can register up to 8 different users which allow making record of all the users and monitoring it. All these three apps are sync through the Bluetooth so that all these gadgets can work together and use data of each device. This bundle can be purchase at $400, but you can buy any single gadget separately too.

Gymwatch Sensor:

How about a device which can respond you if you make any mistakes while doing exercise? It is just like a personal trainer who keeps an eye on you and helps you improve your workout. The Gymwatch sensor is just the right device for you; it is made in German and now available in USA and other countries. This device helps you to stick to your exercises and workout. You can wear it while weight lighting, using machines and performing bodyweight exercises. This gadget will help you improve your posture and moves. This gadget also have an audio headphone which will give feedback instantly, guiding you about the grip, pace and the posture instantly costing you around #99 which Is quite low compared to the personal training session.

Hexoskin shirt:

How about a shirt which can help you in your fitness and health and taking clothes to the next level. The Hexoskin shirt is the first biometric smart shirt of the world which is a fitness solution for both men and women. This shirt measures different data such as breathing rat, your movement and heart rate as well. This shirt can be sync with the fitness applications such as MapMyRun and RunKeeper etc. if your want to but this shirt you need to buy some hardware which supports it such as a battery back and USB cable as well. This pack is available in $299 and you can choose it in the either gender but the market prices are still to launch.

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