Tagency – SMART Hashtag Generator

2016-11-13 0

My name is Roman Mogylnyi and I would like to present my company NeoCortext and its first Business to Customer (B2C) product- the iOS application Tagency. In 2012 NeoCortext decided to start working with artificial Read More

Is Receipt Bank good for your business?

2016-07-24 0

Expense tracking is a tedious yet important part of businesses. It involves the process of receiving an invoice, putting it to your bookkeeper, ensuring it is entered into correct accounts, filling the invoice and then Read More

Infographics : The Ultimate Student App Guide

2016-07-12 0

In 2016, digital means of communications dominate over traditional analogue methods. Where once talking on the landline house phone was a primary method of communication along with the postal system and fax machines, nowadays instant Read More

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