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Is Cocoon a Good Home Security Device?




Cocoon is a single device that senses any unusual activity in your home. It does not need to be set each time you leave your home.  It learns all the normal activities for your home and consequently avoids false alarms. If it senses something wrong, it sends high quality videos to your smartphone so that you can take actions.

Cocoon, all-in-one security camera, became available in March 2016. The smart camera raised more than $250,000 on a funding platform. We are going to write a review of the Cocoon and you can decide whether you want to spend $399 on the camera that uses ‘SUBSOUND’ technology.

By ‘listening’ to infrasonic sound waves,  cocoon claims to be able to  monitor your entire home, including identifying burglar  through closed doors and in areas in your  home other than one where the device is situated. If this technology stands up, the problem of most camera detection-based smart house security systems that are limited to one room will be solved.

Through an email, Dan Conlon, co-founder of Cocoon, told us: “We are certain that   traditional home security has some shortcomings. Most people don’t have a home alarm system because it’s complicated. Those that have it forget to set their alarm or get worried about false alarms.”

“We know there is more accessible and smarter way to deliver home security. Cocoon allows users to protect their homes with one, simple device that learns what is normal for a home to reduce false alarms.  Any unusual activities are delivered to users through smartphone alerts. We’re putting our customers at the heart of home security.”

In addition, the Cocoon packs microphone, a traditional motion sensor, and HD camera with night vision and wide-angle lens. Here, the idea is, should the unfamiliar activity be detected, you receive alerts on your phone and can stream live video and audio to check out the scene.

The home security camera has several advantages and disadvantages:


Intended to be a good product

It founders have a good history

One device for your entire house

Pet friendly

Optionally emits a loud sound to disturb an intruder.


Very new to market


When you do something unusual in your house, it can make a false alarm

Several cameras needed (3-6) for average home

High price tag of $399

It has app bugs and fixes

Does not have many customer reviews yet

No BBB rating

In conclusion, it is advisable to wait for about one year for the company to fix glitches in learning mode, app and others. If you really need a very similar device, look for the Samsung Smartthings because they have already detected and fixed a lot of bugs in smartphone detection. But if you are really interested in testing Cocoon, have it here.

After reading this review, please add your opinion or rate Cocoon’s security gadget below.




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