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Our aim at Bitquence is to accelerate the digital economy by providing much needed guidance on asset allocation within the cryptocurrency market.




Silicon Valley, California, 13 June. Cryptocurrency wallet provider Bitquence announced today that it will open its token crowd sale on June 28. The Silicon Valley startup is launching the first digital mobile wallet with portfolio management features backed by its own liquidity network, in a bid to increase the utility and usability of cryptocurrency. The crowd sale has a target of 5000 ETH to cover the costs of developing and launching the platform. The platform will run on BQX tokens which cover management and storage fees, and also create liquidity through the network. Contributors in ETH will be eligible for early beta access to the Bitquence platform.


Bitquence works by offering pre-curated ‘baskets’ of cryptocurrencies to users to help manage their altfolio. Baskets can be selected from ‘big cap’ tokens, privacy tokens and even crowd sale tokens, and all token allocations will be backed 1:1 to safeguard platform users. Users can choose what tokens to acquire according to a consensus mechanism within Bitquence that allows participants to vote on the potential of a token. This enables you to measure risk and allows Bitquence to synthesize the needs of experienced cryptocurrency users with those new to the field, all from within an accessible and hyper-safe, mobile digital wallet.  

We can see the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies through a market cap that now surpasses $100 billion, but the tools to help the community are way behind the curve. Our aim at Bitquence is to accelerate the digital economy by providing much needed guidance on asset allocation within the cryptocurrency market. Our platform users can simultaneously purchase many tokens instead of having to own and manage multiple wallets and thereby restore the original democratic intent of the new digital economy. Shingo Lavine, CEO, Bitquence


Bitquence is comprised of a team of mobile technology and cryptocurrency experts with a track record of delivering mobile and technology solutions for multiple high profile clients. The team are very pleased to have the support of Godel Prize winner Maurice Herliphy, an expert on Ethereum Smart Contract and Distributed Autonomous Organisations, and Adam Lavine whose mobile technology has reached over 60 million consumers spanning 15 billion unique consumer interactions. Adam has extensive corporate experience both on buy and sell side, most notably selling Specular to a public company and acquiring the mobile media assets of Infospace. Adam has built dozens of mobile products for Fortune 100 U.S. companies and carriers, and served as Chair for the MMA’s Mobile Standards Committee, defining industry standards for the multi billion dollar mobile compliance segment. With such a unique and strong team Bitquence is well positioned to redefine participation in cryptocurrency markets.

The BQX token sale will open on 28 June at 2:00pm UTC. Funds raised will be used to develop and launch the platform, as well as ensure compliance with local laws and regulations. Participants will be able to acquire BQX tokens at a rate of 3175 per ETH up to a soft cap of 40,000 ETH.  The first contributors will have access to BQX tokens at a rate of 5000 ETH, which will move at a sliding scale to 3175 during the course of the token sale. The BQX token will power usage of the Bitquence platform, as well as contribute to the Bitquence Digital Liquidity Network and development of the Bitquence platform.  

Bitquence’s vision is to create a people-powered new economy services company that makes the cryptocurrency market accessible and trustworthy to the average user. It aims to accelerate adoption of blockchain technology and democratize ownership of cryptocurrencies bringing the future of money to today.  

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