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Best Transportation Modes For Small Baskets

Hillary Cyril



Transport System

Transportation is simply the movement of objects, people, and animals from one place to another. Simply put, the act of transportation is defined as any act of taking an object from A to B. The process of transportation does not only relate to the movement but also to the direction of transportation. For instance, if you want to take a train from one point in New York City to Boston, you would first start the train in New York and go through all the stations until it reaches Boston. You would then return to New York and take a train to Boston. Thus, transportation is an act that takes place in a straight line.

There are many forms of transportation but mostly there are two main modes of transportation: rail and pipeline transportation. Rail transportation mostly refers to passenger trains such as the New York subway system and Chicago’s train system. Pipeline transportation, on the other hand, refers to large trucks that can haul bulk materials like coal, petroleum products, and grain. Limited area transportation which is also commonly known as land transportation and commercial transportation comprises air cargo and water cargo. Limited area transportation has many variations such as low-boy truck, low-boy van, flatbed truck, high-boy truck, boxcar, and tapered truck.

Limited area transportation mostly happens when there is a scarcity of road access to transport the goods to the desired destination. Limited area means the area in which the goods will be transported does not exceed the width and length of the path between two points. Goods that fall into this category include bulk spices, grains, sugarcane, cement, iron ore, petroleum products, and fruit and vegetable products. Water transportation, however, transports bulk liquid products such as gasoline and other fuels and industrial liquids such as industrial cleaning solvents. This type of transportation does not include goods that fall into the food products and medical products category.


The four modes of transportation listed above are the most common ones but there are still numerous others that you might encounter. If you have a limited budget but would want to ensure the safety of your goods, you might want to look into motor vehicle transport. Motor vehicle transport is popularly known as the enclosed trucks because it offers protection against natural calamities such as fire and sparks caused by vehicles while transporting. Although this mode of transportation is faster than the other modes of transportation, it is also considered as the most expensive because of the cost of operation and the required vehicle and accessories.

On the other hand, railroad transportation is also one good way to ensure the safety of your goods as it makes sure that they arrive at their destination safely unlike any other transportation. There are also those companies that provide railroad transportation services to customers who want the service but do not have the budget for it. Other forms of transportation such as air freight, ocean freight, trucking, and car leasing are some ways to make transportation movements affordable for people who live in small places and do not have much money to spend. Freight forwarding and overseas shipment are also good transportation services especially when you need to send your goods overseas. All these services however are more costly and will take longer periods of time compared to other modes of transportation.

Air transportation on the other hand is cheaper and is the usual mode used when you need to send large loads or products. There are a lot of advantages in using air transportation such as flexibility, speed, safety, reliability, environmental friendliness, and the ability to deliver products in a short amount of time. However, it has its fair share of disadvantages such as its limited number of flights and its high cost of operation and fuel consumption. Air freight is also susceptible to mechanical problems and to weather conditions and is only ideal for small loads or low-weight products. It is best to choose air transportation when you need to send smaller loads of goods.

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