The Best Way To Find Your Router Default IP in Windows 10

Not many people know the default IP address of their wireless router and even a smaller number knows how exactly to find this IP. In the next few paragraphs we are going to teach you more about the default router IP and how to find it in Windows 10.

IP Address: A Brief Definition

Normally, the everyday computer user doesn’t know much about IP addresses, especially about the default IP address of its wireless router.

In simple words we can say that an IP address is consisted of numbers only which are divided by dots and devices connected to the network use these numbers to identify themselves and communicate with each other.

These numbers are separated by dots. For example if you take a look at an IP address, in this case the default IP of your router, you can see that such addresses are written in the following format – The last two numbers can be a bit different but the principle is the same. It is very important to know that the IP is made of numbers only because many people type 192.168.l.l instead of The result of this action is that they can’t login to their router administrative page.

Why Do You Need to Know Default Router IP?

Normally, when a user gets a new router he or she just connects it and the fun with the new Internet connection can begin. So, why should they know the router IP anyways?

Let’s see why you have to know the router IP and maybe you will look at it a bit differently.

  1. You can update the router firmware when needed in order to fix some minor bugs and eventually get additional features.
  2. Access the router configuration options with administrative privileges.
  3. Apply parental controls in order to protect your kids from the “bad” online world
  4. Improve the overall network security by securing your wireless router first
  5. Diagnose and fix minor networking issues
  6. Act like a geek and learn more about networking than the average user

Where Can You Find The Default Router IP Address?

Before we start with the techie stuff it is recommended to check the user manual or check whether there is a label somewhere on the router with the login details printed on it.

Additionally, you can find the router IP by finding the router manual on the official manufacturer’s website. All router manufacturers have a support section on their websites so feel free to check this option too.

Generally, these methods will help you find the default router IP address, but there are several reasons why these can’t be applied. For example:

1.You can’t find the router user manual.

2.Someone else has configured your router and didn’t give you the login details or you have lost them somewhere.

3.The IP you are trying to use in order to login to the router is incorrect.

4.The router you use is no longer supported by your manufacturer.

Find the Default Router IP in Windows 10

If you have Windows 10 installed on your computer or laptop you can find the default router IP address using the steps listed below.


1.Check the bottom-left part of your desktop and click on the Start button.

2.In the next menu click on Settings.

3.After you click this a new window will open and there you can choose Network and Internet.

4.Select Ethernet and you will see a list of all the devices that are connected to the Ethernet port of your PC.

5.Find and select the Network name and you will see the Router screen. Here you will see various router details and one of them will be the default router IP address.

As you can see, finding the router IP address in Windows 10 is quite easy. So the next time you want to find the router IP try these steps and you are good to go. Also, if some of your friends asks you to find the default router IP on their PC use this method first. We are sure they will be amazed!

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