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Business Environment – Leadership and Management

Hillary Cyril | Editor, TechAnnouncer




In a typical business, individuals usually work together to create and market goods or services to buyers. Others simply purchase the goods and/or services from an individual or firm. The term business refers to both doing things by yourself and being a participant in a partnership.

Business strategies refer to the means by which people use their combined knowledge, skill, and knowledge in order to perform business activities successfully. The means used by individuals are grouped into several categories, including technology, marketing, management, and finance, as well as human resources. It also includes technology-related activities such as computer technology, software, telecommunications, and the Internet. These are just some of the means employed in every business.

All these means are needed in order to produce an effective organization. Business activity is directed towards producing results and achieving objectives through a process. The five basic directions in any directed towards achieving goals and objectives are: i.e., growth, building, creation, sale, and productivity. The following key terms you should be familiar with are:


Business strategies refer to the actions undertaken by business owners towards creating an organizational structure that is capable of achieving the organization’s goal and objective. All these aims and objectives are reached by utilizing the means available in a business environment. Therefore, all the elements of the organization have to be coordinated and brought into a common goal and agenda. There are two important aspects to business management: leadership and management.

Business leaders are those who are responsible for making decisions, exercising control, developing and managing business activities. On the other hand, managers are those who manage people, resources, and business activities. Business owners are also the managers of the organization. Both of them play a key role in the achievement of company objectives. In business management, human resources play a very important role since they are the ones responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training the best employees. Furthermore, they are responsible for finding and attracting customers.

Business environment refers to the entire collection of factors that affect the production, collection, and distribution of goods. These include economic conditions, technology, information, political and social structures, and many more. The business environment can be characterized in different terms. Some authors define it as a set of interacting characteristics and processes that exist because of the existence of a market. The other authors, on the other hand, describe it as the totality of human activities directed towards the attainment of economic activity.

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